Indian Nutrition Edibles To Manage Lifestyle Issues

Indian Nutrition Edibles To Manage Lifestyle Issues
Indian nutritious edibles

Our diverse culture is filled with variety Of Food Items from North Till South and the best part is, it is also inundated with full nutrition. So we get a perfect package of taste and health at the same time. We have varieties of Indian nutrition food

But now a days with our busy schedule it becomes difficult to always maintain nutritious diet , So we switch to those packed foods , junk items , unhealthy snacks. Well whatever maybe the case there is no excuse to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that is possible only with right nutritious diet . And our Indian nutrition food is famous all over the world now.

Here are 10 Indian nutritious food items and  spices which can help to complement your Lifestyle in a better way:

1)  Turmeric:

The spice which is used in almost all our homes, besides adding flavor, it also boosts our immunity. Even just 1 tbsp of Turmeric provides 3 percent of daily of vitamin C and 16 percent of iron. It is also used in ayurvedic medicines to treat many diseases such as Inflammatory conditions, digestive problems. It is also considered a best home remedy for curing many problems such as pain relief, skin acne, wounds and even reduces the risk of cancer.

2)  Idli sambar:

Idli sambhar is one such South Indian appetizing meal which is liked by many people, It is made with less oil, Infact Idli is just steamed and remain oil free, it’s a perfect combination of health and taste. This meal is low in calories, rich in fiber and add more nutrition as sambar is made by healthy vegetables. It is easy to digest too and keep your stomach full for a longer time, thus prevents from overeating.

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3) Poha:

Its a much relished Indian Breakfast, Infact loved by many Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor , Tiger Shroff, Kareena Kapoor. This high fibred food is beneficial for health too, as it contains healthy carbohydrates and low fats and such healthy carbs are really for carrying out day to day activities. Other advantages of eating poha are it controls blood sugar levels hence it is good for diabetic patients too, its an easy digestible meal enriched in iron.

4) Buttermilk:

Butter milk is usually made from low-fat milk and contains approx 2 grams fat per cup, It’s a rich source of calcium  so its even advantageous for people who cannot consume milk or any their dairy products as they are lactose- intolerant so buttermilk can be a good option for them as it’s a useful option. It also helps in Detoxification of body and quite helpful in preventing dehydration. Lastly it is even a good source of essential proteins, vitamins such as vitamin B.

5) Dhokla:

This famous spongy Gujarati Dish is full of nutrients, this tasty dish is prepared by fermentation which enhances its nutrition level and is a perfect combination of proteins and vitamins. It is also rich in fiber and helps to reduce fat and lose weight. It is even good for Diabetic people too.

6) Rawa Upma:

It is another delicious south Indian dish made from semolina and healthy seasonal vegetables. It’s a low cholesterol and calorie meal which keeps you energetic throughout the day.Infact one bowl of Upma has all the required fiber, vitamins and healthy fats. Upma also helps in regulating functioning of Kidneys as it is potassium enriched also and Potassium is important for kidneys.

7) Cumin:

Cumin is usually used in all savoury meals , It is a vital source of iron and antioxidants . It even has anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. This Indian spice has even proved to mitigate digestion. problems.

8) Rajma or Kidney Beans:

Rajma Chawal is a much relished north Indian meal. With taste it is also loaded with Proteins and minerals. It even contains plenty of fiber thus helps in reducing weight. Infact Shilpa Shetty, considered as a most health conscious actress has included Rajma Chawal in her diet plan

9) Pulses or Dal:

Dal Chawal considered the main meal of many Indian families is a significant source of Proteins. Half cup of pulses per day have higher intake of proteins, zinc, iron, calcium, fiber and low saturated fats. It also helps in managing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This Indian nutrition food is very famous.

10) Coriander:

This herb is used to flavor many Dishes and is quite beneficial for health, Coriander maybe in the seed or leaf form contains Vitamin K which is useful in clotting of blood, it is also considered to prevent bone problems , heart disease risks , reducing blood sugar levels and inflammation in the body. It is also one of the essential Indian nutrition fod to be included in diet.

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