Lessons To Be Learnt From "To Kill a Mocking Bird"

Lessons To Be Learnt From "To Kill a Mocking Bird"
Lessons to be learnt from "To kill a Mocking Bird"

To kill a Mocking Bird” is a famous novel by the author Harper Lee. It mainly focuses on the adversities prevailing in our society that is alluded through the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama which is suffering through Great Depression. Authors portrays the intricacies of our society through the problems faced by the characters of this town.

Protagonist of the novel named Scout Finch who is a little girl plays an important role as she confronts different situations in life which help her to gain broader perspective of life. She is depicted as innocent, vivacious child but as the novel proceeds, she encounters evil, racial biases and injustices through the incidence of Tom Robinson’s (A Black Man)case.

As Tom Robinson was accused for the crime he has not done of raping a white woman . This incident disturbs Scout, and she was shaken deeply but her father Mr. Atticus Finch, another main character of  novel,takes the case of Tom Robinson. He tries to defend him by giving all evidences, but he was unable to win the case of Tom.

Thus Mr.Atticus enlightens his daughter by explaining her that there is a proclivity for both good and evil in a person and that goodness should be admired ,this goodness has a tendency to abate wickedness by forgiving it. And there are much more things that can be learnt and procured from this book and these are following.

1) Acts of Vengeance never lead to justice

When Jem , brother of Scout destroys the flowers of his elderly neighbor Mrs. Dubose as she condemns Mr. Atticus for protecting a Black person. So, on this incident Mr. Atticus teaches his child that Justice leads to nowhere, it will worsen the situation more and devastate the life of a person and hence his father tells him to apologize because his apology implies that justice is attained when the person who has done wrong expiates not  when the innocent party returns negative for negative action.

2) Killing a mocking bird is considered sacrilegious

To kill A Mocking Bird

“It’s a sin to kill a mocking bird”. These lines have been quoted in the book by Mr. Atticus. Mocking Birds are considered harmless but “sing their hearts out for us” in the same way as Boo Radley is characterized as a mocking bird .He became somewhat frightened in life due to his father and became suspicious .Boo never came out of his house but saves Scout from Bob Ewell and kept presents for Jem and Scout.

He e never did any harm to Scout and Hem. And also Mr. Atticus takes the case of Tom Robinson as he was also one of the sequestered members of the society. So, its our moral duty to save these innocent people and don’t pester them unnecessary, harming the innocents is considered as a villainous thing, it’s a despicable crime.

3) Life isn’t always going to be just but we have to remain firm

In this novel total justice is not achieved like Tom Robinson got the punishment as he was the Black Person inspite of the proofs and evidences by Mr. Atticus, he takes all the pains to defend him but still failed of the fakeness prevailing in our society , unnecessary racial discrimination. Hence Life will not always going to be fair , we have to face difficulties, partialities, unnecessary ignorance but we have to remain strong at every stage in life.

4) Try to empathize with others

To Kill a Mocking Bird

See the life from the perspectives of other people as , understand others point of view as well, everyone has their own story. Just don’t judge a person superficially. Like Scout and Jem make their own stories of Boo Radley so Mr. Atticus explains all this to them.

5) Never let anything stop you on your courageous way

To kill a Mocking Bird

“Courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.” No matter what is going to be the result, if you think something is right take action for it, even though people are against it.

Mr. Atticus fights the case for Tom Robinson facing all the hatred of the society and works persistently for it. Sometimes  fears, hopelessness comes in the way but don’t let it overshadow your confidence and bravery,  just work for it no matter whatever going to be the consequences atleast you will learn through the journey.


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