Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

As an office going girl, I cannot think of a day without lipstick. There is surely two or four lipstick rolling at the center of my handbag. We all know how a good pout looks, but do you know about the journey to get that perfect pout? Well, with your lipstick fading, smudging, maintaining a lip color throughout the day needs a lot of care and effort.

So, to get that perfect pout in every picture, follow these hacks:

Smooth Lipstick Application:

Dry lips can make your lipstick application very difficult. So, before applying lipstick on your lips, make sure to put some balm on it first. Exfoliate your lips well before applying lipstick. After this, take a tissue to wipe off the vaseline or balm and apply your lipstick shade to get a clean finish.

Use It As A Cream Blush:

Don't have a blush at home? Well, fret not! Use your lipstick as a blush. Dab lipstick on your cheeks and run gently to get the blushy effect.


If you love a lipstick shade but when you apply it on your lips the shade will look different? Does it happen to you? Ell, if so, then apply a foundation on your lips first to even the lip tone so that lipstick can show its true color on your lips too.

If you are in love with the shade of your new lipstick but looks different on your lips, it might be because your lips have a lot of colors. To correct this situation, apply your foundation on your lips as it will neutralize the color of your lips. You can then apply your lipstick which will show close to its actual shade.

So, if you follow these hacks you will get the perfect pout for your pout selfie.

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