Natural And Effective Ways To keep Your Lungs Clean!

Natural And Effective Ways To keep Your Lungs Clean!

The threat of air pollution has started looming once again in Delhi-NCR. The air quality (AIQ) has deteriorated in many areas. Dissolved pollution in the air can also speed up the spread of Corona infection, as it increases the incidence of sneezing and coughing. Health experts say that due to the double effect of disease and pollution, the lungs are having a bad effect, so cleaning and strengthening them is very important.

Cinnamon Tea

The anti inflammatory elements present in ginger tea is effective in removing toxic substances from the respiratory tract. It also has medicinal ingredients like potassium, magnesium, zinc and beta carotene. According to a study, ginger can also eliminate cancer cells in the body. Drink ginger tea regularly to clean the lungs.

Cinnamon tea is also very useful in removing problems related to lungs. In the Roman Empire, it was used as a medicine in digestion and respiratory tracts. Put a little bit of cinnamon in a glass of water and boil it till the water remains half. Drinking this can lead to good lung cleanliness.

Steam therapy to the cleaning of the lungs is the best and easiest solution. Water vapor not only opens the closed air passage, but also extracts mucus from the lungs. It is even more beneficial during the winter season. Steam can relieve shortness of breath in a very short time.


Eat an apple daily for healthy lungs. The vitamins present in it keep the lungs healthy. According to a research, vitamin-E, vitamin-C, beta-carotene and citrus fruits are considered very good for lungs health. Apple has all these nutrients.

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