Queen Elizabeth II Health Secrets: Live Long for 96 Years

Queen Elizabeth II Health Secrets: Live Long for 96 Years
Queen Elizabeth II Health and Diet Secrets

Queen Elizabeth II was finally laid to rest at Windsor St. George Chapel. She lived a long life of 96 years with grace and good health.

Everyone wanted to know her longevity, diet and health secrets, and what daily routine she follows. what diet does she follow?

She left the world at the age of 96 with not any serious health problems.

British Author Bryan Kozlowski wrote the book long live the Queen, in which he shares Queen Elizabeth II's health and longevity secrets.

Let’s check the details of Queen Elizabeth II health, diet and longevity secrets.

Brisk Walking –

Queen Elizabeth II Health

Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t fond of any regular exercise. But her whole life she was physically active.

She loves to take a long walks with her corgis in Buckingham Palace and take horse riding.

According to Dr. Annie Medina – Walpole, Professor of Medicine and Geriatric Departments “ Keeping active, both physically and mentally, is going to help you in your day-to-day acitivity”.

Consistent Life Routine is the key to health –

Queen Elizabeth II Life Routine

Throughout her lifespan, Queen Elizabeth II always follows a consistent routine which helps her to maintain a good health 

Author Bryan Kozlowski writes that Queen follows strict routines -:

  • Queen enjoys a wake-up cup of Earl Grey tea at 7:30 am
  • A pre-breakfast bath in the morning
  • Read newspaper during breakfast and Queen followed the same menu most mornings
  • Most of the morning spent in meetings and in official documents
  • Afternoon visit outside the palace, back in time for tea and the reading of more parliamentary reports
  • Possible cocktail reception or public dinner
  • Then in bed by 11 p.m. with her journal and a book

Don’t Please People -:

Queen Elizabeth II Health

If you watch The Crown and read about Queen Elizabeth II, you have seen and learned that many times in Her Majesty’s life she took tough decisions that angered her family members.

She was never a people pleaser and many times Queen put The Crown and country first.

It shows the mental resiliency and strength that keeps her mentally strong and never wanes into depression.

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Queen Elizabeth II Loves to Take a Break –

Queen Elizabeth II Longevity secrets

Queen Elizabeth II was always busy with her official meetings and duties.

But after all this, she still found time for herself and took a break from all her daily busy schedules and spent some refreshing time in Balmoral Castle.

Queen's love for Balmoral Castle is known by many, every year she spent her holidays in Balmoral.

Where she spent most of her time in greeneries and nature. It is part of her self-care routine and recharges her completely.

Active All the Time and Always Learn New Things –

Queen Elizabeth II Health secrets

Since her youth days, Queen Elizabeth II learned new things and engaged in various activities.

It is that particular quality of Her Majesty that keeps her brain active all the time.

According to Kozlowski daily she receives a large red box full of paperwork, parliamentary reports, intelligence documents, and other papers. She also never stops learning and embracing new experiences.

Queen never ever retired from her duties, Till the end moments of her life she remained on duty even though her doctors advise her to take a rest.

Annie Medina – Walpole M.D. President of Geriatrics & Aging at the University of Rochester Medical Centre said “If we don’t use it, you lose it,” she says. “But, one of my patients once told me this, and it’s my favorite quote, ‘If I rest, I rust.’ I think that sums it up nicely.”

Queen Elizabeth II Daily Diet Plan –

Queen Elizabeth II foods were cooked from vegetables freshly grown in her garden. Take a look at the Queen's secret diet

Morning Tea –

Queen Elizabeth II diet secrets

Queen Elizabeth II morning started with green tea and she always prefer Earl Grey’s tea.

Breakfast –

Queen Elizabeth II diet secrets

Queen Elizabeth II breakfast is perfectly balanced and healthy. She started her day with a bowl of Kellogg’s with some assorted fruits.

On special occasions, she treated herself to some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

Lunch –

Queen Elizabeth II diet secrets

It was famous that Queen Elizabeth II preferred gin and a Dubonnet cocktail before lunch.

Her Majesty enjoyed grilled fish especially Dover Sole with wilted spinach or courgettes and chicken – grilled with salad.

Afternoon Tea -

Queen Elizabeth II diet secrets

Darren Mcgrady an ex-royal chef revealed that Queen Elizabeth II preferred afternoon tea with pieces of chocolate and ginger cake.

She also loves her tea with scones and finger sandwiches and her favorite ones are cucumber, eggs, and smoked salmon sandwiches.

Her fondness for chocolates is well known all over the world, she was a pure chocoholic.

Dinner –

Queen Elizabeth II diet secrets

Queen Elizabeth II dinner was served with a combination of meat, fish, and vegetables.

For meat Royal chef Darren Mcgrady preferred Gaelic and fillet steak with a mushroom whisky sauce and venison.

She also loved Gleneagles pate which is smoked salmon, trout, and mackerel.

Most of the fishes comes from her Balmoral estate River Dee.

Royal Chef cooked British and French foods for dinner. For desserts, the queen loves to eat strawberries and peaches freshly grown on the farm.

After dinner, she digested her food with a glass of her favorite German sweet wine.

Her Majesty lived a long life in her best health possible. It does not only depend on her genes but mostly on her environment and luck. 

It is a learning lesson from Queen Elizabeth II diet and healthy lifestyle that people can live a healthy life with just simple daily living steps.

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