See How These Office Habits Can Affect Your Heart Health

See How These Office Habits Can Affect Your Heart Health

To maintain heart health, it is necessary to stop tobacco consumption, keep stress to a minimum, avoid high-fat foods, and get rid of physical inactivity. 60 percent of the time we spend awake in a day passes while working in our offices. Staying active in the office, consuming less saturated fat, keeping a distance from negative thoughts will have far-reaching consequences. The goal of the Heart Friendly Office is to encourage employees to give up harmful habits such as tobacco consumption, physical inactivity, and malnutrition.

The idea behind this program is that by making the workplace beneficial for heart health, this information can be communicated to 54 percent of the population of the country.

Research suggests that regular exercise and a nutritious diet can have a very positive effect on stress management, productivity, and every action of the human body. People and companies have to work together to take steps in this direction. In this way, the good health of the employees will not only benefit that person but will also benefit the whole country.

This Is How The Heart Smart Office works!

In any heart-smart office, telling employees about the risks of heart disease and stroke becomes a continuous process. To encourage the use of tobacco and fat. Regular health check-up of employees. In many government and private institutions, health examination is mandatory before the appointment. Screening every year can detect heart diseases in a timely manner.

High BP and cholesterol have a bad effect on the heart system. With regular checkups, you can know when to take which action? This helps in the successful prevention of heart disease.

Update The Office Canteen As Well

Promoting good habits is not possible only through oral knowledge. It is also the responsibility of the management to start selling healthy foods in the office canteen. There should also be a chart of the calories of the food items so that the employee can calculate how many calories it would be appropriate to eat. Sprouts, boiled foods, and fresh fruits should also be available in the canteen. Drinks like milk, curd, and buttermilk should also be available.

There Should Also Be A Gym!

Any Heart Smart office should have a fully equipped gym that is open to employees at all times. Encourage employees to exercise during breaks. Workers are active in regular exercise and sports due to having a gym, tennis courts, etc. at the workplace. Companies should organize sports clubs like cricket, tennis, or marathon every 6 months. This motivates the employees to remain physically active and also instills team spirit in them. Clean water should be available for employees to drink.

Avoid Heavy Snacks At Break Time

Always go to the office with snacks made of whole grains like oats, nuts, etc. By adding 10 grams of fiber to your diet every day, you can reduce the risk of heart merge by 17 percent. Do not always sit in the office, sitting in the office always adversely affects the heart.

So always be active. After getting up from the desk, take a break and take a walk. If possible, arrange for a standing desk. Take a leisurely stroll after lunch. Use stairs instead of the lift. If there is no distance between the house or office from the bus stand, then get off and walk on foot.

Keep Positive Thinking

Women with positive thinking are 9 percent less likely to have heart disease than women who are negative. The optimistic women participating in the research study found fewer cases of diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, and depressive disorder. Keeping the heart healthy with the combined efforts of the employee and the company will definitely be fruitful.

Add plenty of fiber in lunch, instead of eating outside, take your lunch box from home. Due to the high amount of fiber in the food, your diet will reduce calories and it is good for your stomach.

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