Treat Crack Heels In Winter With Home-Made Items

Treat Crack Heels In Winter With Home-Made Items

After the scorching heat of May-June, everyone enjoys the winter season and winter season.

Everyone enjoys winter but winter also comes with many problems. If these problems are left unnoticed then it can cause major problems to your skin.

Many people due to dryness in the winter season face fungal infection, itching, cracked foot, psoriasis, Scabies may cause problems such as. It is also worth noting that skin problems take a very long time to heal once they occur.

There are many types of tubes and ointments available in the market to overcome these problems. 

But using chemical-based tubes can be harmful without understanding the right problem. But this is not the case with domestic measures. Most home remedies have been adopted for generations, therefore, they are safe as well as effective. 

So in this article, we will give you information about easy home remedies to take care of feet in winter. You can also make your feet healthy by adopting these measures.

Most Common Foot Problems In Monsoon:

Problems In The Feet During Monsoon:

  1. Foot odor
  2. Swelling around the nail
  3. Fungal infection

Easy Home Remedies For Foot Care In Monsoon:

These problems can be easily overcome by adopting some easy home remedies for foot care. The following are these easy home remedies for foot care.

1. Camphor Powder And Talcum Powder

Camphor has anti-bacterial properties. While talcum powder helps keep the feet dry by absorbing sweat. This is very effective and tried a recipe for making feet healthy during the rainy season. 

Grind finely with a little desi camphor. Add talcum powder to it. Apply this mixture on the feet before wearing shoes and socks. This helps in keeping the feet dry as well as protecting them from foul smell.

2. Exfoliate Dead Skin Of Feet

Usually while bathing, we bathe by soaping the entire body. But the attention we give to the rest of the body, many times the feet of our feet do not get attention. So it is very important to pay attention to these once a week. 

To keep the feet healthy, add a little salt and mild shampoo to warm water. Put the feet in it and keep it for 15 minutes. Salt will kill bacteria and odor-causing germs. 

After this, take the pumice stone or rough stone and scrub the dead skin of the feet thoroughly. After this, wash the feet and wash with a soft cloth and apply a good foot cream. This will help to keep the skin of the feet soft and healthy. This remedy should be done 1 time a week.

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