What Happens If There's Nuclear Attack: An Apocalyptic Doom

What Happens If There's Nuclear Attack: An Apocalyptic Doom
What happens if there's nuclear attack

Since the beginning of Russia – Ukraine war the threat of nuclear war looming all over the world. Nuclear war has deadly effects on the earth and its living being.

It affected the world's climate,environment, economy, and human life in such a bad way that we forget what normal life is.

We already saw its haphazard effects during the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing. Even the UN was created to maintain peace among the nations, so that world will never fall into the nuclear war zone.

Instead of this, every nation steps into the race of nuclear weapon production and since then its threat continuously haunt us.

If in any situation war begins the latest technology build nukes' dangerous effects not only limited to local, it has a global impact.

Effects of the Nuclear War –

Human Existence is Threatened and Cities Infrastructure Destroy -

Hiroshima and Nagasaki post nuclear bomb

The worst human casualties we can only see in the nuclear war. People will die due to heat, fire and the destruction of buildings.

People who survive the attack later will face the dangerous effects of nuclear radiation,which remain in the atmosphere for months and years.

What happens when nuclear bomb detonated -

  • At the first strike of nuclear bomb on ground, near by area completely destroy

Fireball of nuclear explosion

  • Fireball also known as mushroom clouds erupted initially due to explosion, whose radius reaches miles in diameter. Heat and brightness of the fireball is so destructive that it’ll kill and blind the people standing 100s of miles apart from the detonating site.
  • Thermal Flash generated after the fireball eruption and its intense heat severely burn the flash of the people, who are standing as far as 20 miles from the explosion site
  • Blast effect can cause massive destruction to both buildings and humans. Blast waves have half of the explosive energy of the nuclear bomb and it moves thousands of miles/hrs and destroys everything.
  • Radioactive fallout occurs when nuclear debris and smoke vaporize into the air and when it cools down its fallout on the earth field.
  • Fallout contaminated the crops and water bodies and its radioactivity lethal impact remains on earth for decades and cause cancer and other diseases in human.
  • Civil defense recommended that people should remain inside the house for 48 hours after the explosion and wait for the radioactivity to decrease.

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Nuclear War effects on Global Climate -

It is no doubt that nuclear weapon use has a catastrophic impact on our climate.

Radioactive pollution covers the upper atmosphere of the earth, which is called the stratosphere. Stratosphere contains the ozone layer.

The ozone layer protect the earth from the harmful impact of atmospheric UV rays.

Radioactive substance disrupt the ozone layer, which causes the harmful UV rays to enter the atmosphere.

UV rays have caused skin cancer and adversely impacted the marine life.

Nuclear Winter -

Another phenomenon would likely to happen, which is called nuclear winter.

This theory was first introduced by the famous astronomer Carl Sagan and Richard Turco in 1983.

A nuclear weapon attack releases soot (black powder or radioactive dust) and smokes which cover sunlight in the sky. It would drop the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and ocean to approximately 16 C.

Nuclear winter

It is a large temperature drop after the ice age. Marine life would be affected badly and most of the ocean covered by ice.

Marine algae, which is the food of many marine organism would kill in the cold temperature and fishes would die too.

It requires decades to recover from the ice age created by nuclear war.

So ultimately nuclear war would take us to the Nuclear little ice age, which threatened our and marine organism survival.

Nuclear War Effects on Crops and Livestock -

Definitely small nuclear weapon attack would affect the survival of the humans, so crops and livestock also got destroyed by the nuclear radiation.

A global study led by the Rutgers University climate scientist Alan Robock and team estimated the post-conflict crop production.

The team tested what would happen in the events of US - Russia conflict. They deduce that global average caloric production would decrease by 90% 3 - 4 years after the fighting.

Nuclear winter also reduced the growth of the crop and killed livestock, which would lead to the starvation situation among the population.

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Nuclear War Effects on Global Economy -

effects of nuclear war on economy

Any war situation between the countries always affects the economy at the global level.

In the case of a nuclear war situation the world economy would go into turmoil.

Export and import among the countries would be halted by war situations. Many countries in the northern hemisphere would face starving situations due to disruption in food supplies.

If there is a nuclear war between US and Russia, oil export by Russia would be halted.

Due to fire and heat many oils fields would burn, which create shortage of oils and global oil prices would double.

Many automobile industries would completely shut down.

Global shortage of food because transportation completely stop affected many countries, especially the middle east.

The share market would crash badly and the agriculture sector require more than 4-5 years to recover from the radiation effects.

In all world economy collapsed and world would suffer from the great depression.

Nuclear War Effects on Electronic Devices and Communication systems -

Electromagnetic pulse attack

If you saw the James Bond famous movie Golden Eye, you saw how a villain stole a nuclear weapon that detonate on the earth atmosphere and generate the massive electro magnetic pulse or EMP and completely destroy the communication system.

If a nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude in the atmosphere, intense gamma rays would knock out the electrons from the atoms of the surrounding air.

These radiation generates an intense pulse of radio waves which is also known as an Electromagnetic Pulse.

These EMPs are so intense that could damage the entire country's communication system, transportation system, computer and other electronic devices.

It could also damage country satellites used for military communication and attack warnings.

Main purpose of this kind of detonation is to destroy the enemy country's military communication and put down the drones and missiles electronic.

Example - In 1962 USA  detonated a1.4 megaton nuclear bomb 250 miles above Johnston Island in the pacific ocean.

People of Hawaii island that are 800 miles away from the detonation site experienced a bright green colour flash and failure of the100s of street light.

Today many countries are developing high-powered microwaves weapon, which is not nuclear weapon but are known as e-bombs.

e-bombs are designed to generate EMP to disrupt the military communication and satellites.

Expert views on Nuclear War Effects on World -

Atmospheric scientist Brian Toon from the department of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at the University of Colorado describe the effects of nuclear war on world’s climate.

World’s leading nuclear weapon expert James Acton gives a full analysis of Putin’s nuclear threat.

Conclusion -

In overall nuclear war would pose a threat to humanity and our existence on earth.

Post-apocalyptic world would be a dead end for our civilisation and it’ll give rise to a world with less survival rate and atmosphere filled with radiation.

American Climatologist Alan Robock suggest that “If nuclear weapons exist, they can be used, and the world has come close to nuclear war several times. Banning nuclear weapons is the only long-term solution.

UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons has been ratified by 66 nations except the 9 states. According to Robock “our work is to make clear that these 9 states should listen to science and the rest of the world and sign this treaty.”

World famous cosmetologist Carl Sagan once said “It’s elementary planetary hygiene to clean the world of these nuclear weapons.” But can we eliminate nuclear weapons? Should we? What risks might such elimination entail?

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