A Glimpse Into The World’s Largest Manufacturing Plant In Wolfsburg, Germany

A Glimpse Into The World’s Largest Manufacturing Plant In Wolfsburg, Germany

One of the most popular car manufacturers, Volkswagen, has various links to some important historical events. Not only this but it’s a clear implication of the fact that advancements happened way before, during the reign of former world leaders. We have its proof! The Wolfsburg Volkswagen plant, spanning over 6.5 million square meters is known to be the largest manufacturing plant in the world. As per the records of 2015, 815,000 Volkswagen cars were manufactured in the plant during the year. Around 4000 of these vehicles are produced here every day. While the Jetta and Golf models are mostly created here, this plant has some interesting links to history. Keep reading to know each of the details you never knew. 

Into Some History And Popular Faces 

The person behind the establishment of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg was Adolf Hitler. Yes! The German dictator is said to have laid the cornerstone for this manufacturing plant. Volkswagen came up as a joint effort by Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche. While Hitler was a sly politician, Porsche was a genius engineer who gave life to one of Hitler’s great ideas. Porsche was the perfect person with a creative mind to execute what Hitler wanted. The motive was to bring up “the people’s car” that turns out to be an affordable option for them. 

It was when the Volkswagen Beetle was introduced to the people. It was one of the most successful car models then. One million Beetles were produced within the next ten years. Moreover, the actual growth of the company occurred after World War II. It was in 1935 that Adolf Hitler commissioned the Bettle as ‘people’s car’ and ordered for its manufacturing. Further, as you know there were many other car models that were introduced under Volkswagen. 

Wolfsburg Volkswagen Manufacturing Plant - Largest In The World

Wolfsburg is one of the largest cities in Germany, situated about 220 kilometers away from Berlin. It is the headquarter for Volkswagen which has 123 production facilities across the globe and sells automobiles in 153 countries. This one is an expansive manufacturing plant, spanning over 70 million square feet of land. It’s globally known to be the largest Volkswagen producer. We have some interesting facts and numbers that you would surely want to know. 

  • There are around 65,000 people working in the Wolfsburg manufacturing plant and 25 percent of them are women. 
  • The production lines at the factory are 300 meters wide and 2.5 kilometers long. 
  • There are many other elements at the plant that make it the largest in the world. Around  50 tonnes to 7,800 tonnes of metal sheets are pressed under gigantic cranes. Prototype testing here takes at least 14 days. 
  • With around 5000 robots working on the production lines, 98 percent of the plant is automated. 
  • About 7000 bicycles are parked inside the production lines that the workers use to move around. 
  • Every day 3500 Volkswagen cars are shipped to different parts of the world; with one million variations as per customer demands. 
  • There are around 50 restaurants within the premises where the workers eat. Over 50,000 meals are served here every day. 

Wolfsburg Factory Tour 

Every day numerous visitors flock to the first and world’s largest Volkswagen factory to explore stories ad witness gigantic production. Various advanced cruise ships operate to guide tourists from different parts of the world. Autostadt, the automobile theme park is a major attraction here. People can view each of the Volkswagen models and, in fact, order the ones they want. You can get your customized Volkswagen car manufactured here. Inside the factory, a small train guides the visitors across the production lines. 

Highlights Of The Tour 

Mini trains offer guided tours across the Wolfsburg Volkswagen Factory to all curious explorers and visitors on weekdays. Tourists are taken across every section of the factory and the guide recites some interesting facts and stories about the factory. The train moves around for 60 to 90 minutes. You can get the answers to all your questions during this time while you witness the dynamic sights. This Volkswagen factory is different from others around the world. It has its own fire department with around 76 firemen. In fact, there’s an on-site butcher shop. There’s a lot to see and do. 

While you may be interested in getting a clearer glimpse of historical events and know the automotive even better, the Wolfsburg Volkswagen factory is where you need to be.

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