Aarya 2 Trailer: Watch Sushmita Sen in Her Most Fierce Avatar of All Time

Aarya 2 Trailer: Watch Sushmita Sen in Her Most Fierce Avatar of All Time

Aarya, the crime thriller web series which became a great hit in 2020 and was nominated for International Emmy Awards 2021 on the Best Drama category is now back with an exciting season. Sushmita Sen is all ready to spill her magic once again with her fierce avatar. She shared the trailer on her Instagram handle to blow the minds of fans. The captain will send chill down your spine and force you to fall for Aarya 2. Read it here,

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Story of Aarya 

The story revolves around a loving wife and a caring mother, Aarya Sareen. She is naïve and has no idea about her husband’s illegal business. Things went awry when her husband, Tej Sareen was killed mysteriously.

To seek revenge for her husband’s demise, she got mixed up in the drug mafia world and turned out to be a one-woman army.

Aarya 2 is the extended version of Aarya, which came back to thrill the audience with some of the amazing nerve-wracking moments.

Watch the Trailer Here

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Major Takeaways from Aarya 2

Sushmita Sen in her ‘Sherni ‘ avatar

Sushmita Sen embarks to safeguard her family and kids from the mafia. She will be seen with blistering guns and ammunition after turning into a ‘don’

Terror, suspense & murder follow throughout the movie.

Aarya is a warrior and doting mother

There is a stark contrast between her warrior side and the maternal side that makes the character more intriguing. As a working mother, she fiercely protects her younger kids.

Aarya 2 filled with spine-chilling moments

Aarya 2 is 9 episode series starting from leaving the country to bog down Tej Sareen’s killers. With high octane action, she raises the stakes of the Russian mob.

Aarya 2 Cast

Along with Sushmita Sen, you will encounter Sikandar Kher, Manish Choudhary, Namit Das, and others under Ram Madhvani’s directory.

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