All Three Agricultural Laws To Be Withdrawn, Read What PM Modi Said

All Three Agricultural Laws To Be Withdrawn, Read What PM Modi Said

The farmers of India had been demanding the withdrawal of the Agricultural Law Bills for a long time. They were frozen on the Delhi border for more than 15 months for this demand.

Prime Minister Modi announced the decision to withdraw three new agricultural laws. He further said- farmers should end the agitation.

In the address to the nation on November 19, PM Modi said that at the end of this month Parliament will start the constitutional process of withdrawing all 3 agricultural laws.

Farm Laws To Be Repealed

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of the controversial three new agricultural laws on the special occasion of Guru Purab and Kartik Purnima. The Prime Minister said, “Today while apologizing to the countrymen, I want to say that there must have been some problems in our amends. Today is the holy festival of Guru Nanak Dev. Let us avoid blaming one another. Today I have come to inform the whole country that the government has decided to withdraw all the three agricultural laws.”

He also said that by the end of this month, the constitutional process of withdrawing the agriculture laws will be done. Along with this, PM Modi appealed to the farmers to go back home and go back to their farms.

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A Committee Will Be Formed For MSP

The Prime Minister also announced the formation of a committee on issues related to the Minimum Support Price (MSP). PM Modi said, "In my public life of five decades, I have experienced the difficulties, challenges of farmers very closely." While addressing the nation, he focused on the steps taken by his government to benefit small farmers.

He said that the agriculture budget has been increased five times, every year more than Rs 1.25 lakh crore is being spent. PM Modi said that his government has failed to explain the benefits of the three new agricultural laws to a section of farmers despite all efforts. He said that the aim of these three agricultural laws was the empowerment of farmers, especially small farmers.

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All three laws were passed by Parliament last year

All three new agricultural laws were passed by Parliament on 17 September 2020. Since then, there was a constant demand from farmer organizations to withdraw these laws by protesting. Farmers' organizations argued that through this law, the government would abolish the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and leave them at the mercy of industrialists.

The government argued that through these laws new investment opportunities would be created in the agriculture sector and the income of farmers would increase. Even after several rounds of talks with the government, an agreement could not be reached on this. Farmers are protesting against these laws by sitting around the borders of Delhi.

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