All You Need To Know About Aamir Khan: Wives, Girlfriends, Properties and Cars

All You Need To Know About Aamir Khan: Wives, Girlfriends, Properties and Cars

Aamir Khan is a well-known name in Indian cinema. He started his career as a child actor in films, who knew he will become one of the top actors of Indian Cinema. He always attracted the limelight when it comes to his love life, he has been vocal about it and tight his lip about his love interest. Here are all information related to his spiced up love life:

  1. Reena Dutta:

Aamir khan is an as good lover as he is an actor. It is said that he has written a love letter with blood just woo Reena Dutta, who is his neighbor at that time. But this backfired on him and but later she accepted his proposal. The couple was married for 15 years from 1986 to 2002.

  1. Pooja Bhatt:

There are rumors that the coupled date is for a short period. The couple did a movie together “Dil hai ki Maanta Nahi”.

  1. Jessica Hines:

 It is said the British journalist came to India for work and meet Aamir Khan. There are rumors that they were in a live-in relationship. Jessica got pregnant but Aamir didn’t want the child. So asked her to abort the child, but Jessica went back to London and welcomed his son in 2003, named “Jaan”.

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  1. Preity Zinta:

They both worked in a movie together “Dil Chahta Hai”. The relationship between Dutta and Khan was on the edge of breaking. And it is said that Zinta is the reason behind it. There were words that the love bird got married secretly. Years later Preity reacted to these rumors and denied all.

  1. Kiran Rao:

The couple accepted, they came close on the sets of “Lagaan”, when the actor was married to Reena Dutta. They also revealed that they were in a live-in relationship for 1 year and then decided to get married. But this marriage also didn’t last long and they released a joint statement in July 2021 about their separation.

  1. Fatima Sana Shaikh:

The actress work with him in “Dangal”, played his daughter’s role. The rumors started in 2016 when the couple was spotted together at various events and parties. They are the rumors, the Dangal girl is the reason behind the separation of him and his wife Rao.

Net worth:

Last year in 2021 the actor made $225 Million yearly whereas 10 crores plus every month. The actor charged 85 crores plus for movies. The actor is in the top 5 in Indian Cinema. He charges 10-12 crore per endorsement. Mr. Perfectionist is very choosy about his movie and that shows in his movie selection of movies. Not only that he is one of the highest taxpayers in India.

He also hosted one of the most popular show in Indian Television “Satyamave Jayate”, it is said that he earns 3 crore per episode.


Aamir is one of the highest-paid actors and his films set new targets for other actors. There is no wonder that he has invested his income in various properties. He brought a house in 2019 worth 18 crores. He owns a luxurious building in Pali Hill, Bandra. The actor also owns apartments in Bella Vista and Marina. He owns a house in Panchgani, which is his favorite residence. Besides that, he is the only actor who doesn’t own any property outside India.

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Aamir Khan is very fond of cars and it shows in his collection. He owns one of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the country.

  1. Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach Guard: This luxurious car is bulletproof, well-protected with a lot of features in it. There are only 3 people in India who owns this car. The worth of this car is 10 crore.
  2. BMW 6-series GT: Worth 66 lakhs
  3. Rolls Roynce Ghost : One of the luxurious cars worth 6 crores.
  4. Bently Continental Flying Spur: The car worth 1.06 crore
  5. Range Rover SUV: Worth 2.11 crore

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