Apply Mindfulness Practice in Your Daily Life: Turn Your Brain from the State of Chaos to Calmness

Apply Mindfulness Practice in Your Daily Life: Turn Your Brain from the State of Chaos to Calmness
Mindfulness Practice in Your Daily Life

Are we mindful enough in our day-to-day lives, that whatever we are doing we are aware of it, simply the answer is no. Because our mind always remains somewhere else not in the present moment.

But the question is how do we bring back our mind to the present moment or increase the focus?

Apply mindfulness meditation practice in your daily life and see how your brain will become clear from all unwanted thoughts.

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness term originated from the ancient Buddhist philosophy it means ‘awareness’.

Mindfulness means being fully aware of your present moment, feeling your body's sensation, breath, and surrounding environment.

 It takes your mind from the boxes of thoughts to the paradise of silence.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation? Steps to Apply in Your Daily Life

Whenever we think about practicing mindfulness, we try to avoid it thinking it is not our cup of tea. But if we really want to stable our minds, we should give it a try.

Initially it irritates us but later it’ll become more fruitful for us.

Steps to Practice Mindfulness Meditation –

1. Snatch Some Time For Practice 

Mindfulness Practice

You have to take some time off from your day to practice mindfulness.

For beginners, commitment is very important if you seriously want some positive changes in your life.

2. Focus on Your Breath 

Apply Mindfulness Practice

It sounds really awkward to the person whose mind always wanders a lot.

But if you practice carefully you’ll see good changes in your brain.

Sit comfortably and relax and after that focus on your breath.

  • The first step is to count 1-3 and then inhale
  • The second step is to count 1-3 and then exhale

 This way you’ll learn to focus on your breath.

3. Eat Mindfully, Think only About Food and Nothing Else

Mindfulness Eating

Its become a fashion these days that we eat our food or breakfast while working on the desktop or watching mobile.

But it has serious consequences on our health. Being mindful of what we eat and feeling the taste of food is always appetizing.

4. Connect With Your Senses 

It is the best technique that applies to all mind wanderers. You have to do nothing just simply focus on your senses like Touch, smell, and Eyes.

Feel the scent of your garden flowers or cuddle with your pets to get the immense warmth and pleasure.

5. Observe Your Thoughts in Silence 

Mindfulness Practice

Remember one point, thoughts come in visuals and feelings. Most of the beginners there who are practicing mindfulness have to face every thought whether it is fearful, happy, or sad.

You don’t have to be scared of any of the thoughts, just calmly observe those thoughts and release them.

With time you’ll see your all bad thoughts will vanish soon and your mind find peace.

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6. Practice Active Listening 

Mindfulness Listening

Most of the time we didn’t listen to it fully and speak without other people completing their sentences.

We often remain in our heads and never listen to what other people are trying to say.

Practice mindfulness listening and observe whether the quality of your conversation change.

7. Practice Gratitude

The more you pay gratitude for good things in your life, the more it doubles in your life.

Gratitude relieves stress and negativity from your mind; it improves your self-esteem and heals you internally.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation 

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • The first thing you can get is clarity and mental peace
  • You’ll understand other people's emotions very well
  • You respond to any stressful situations very well
  • It helps you to better deal with anxiety and depression
  • Your attention span increase and you are better at ignoring emotional distractions
  • It improves empathy

Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn Mindfulness Meditation 

Dr.Jon Kabat Zinn first introduces mindfulness meditation to the western world. He is the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR)

Practice Mindfulness Meditation of Jon Kabat Zinn -

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