#AssamViolence: What’s Happening In Assam? Get Full Report Here

#AssamViolence: What’s Happening In Assam? Get Full Report Here

Assam eviction turned brutal yesterday when 2 civilians were killed while protesting. 
The area where the eviction drive is taking place are under Assam government’s “Garukhuti Project”, aim of the which is to remove people from 77,420 ‘bighas’ (acres)of land and start agricultural activities for indigenous crowd.

Two civilians were shot and killed and several others, protesting were injured in violence. It is claimed that 9 policemen are involved in an eviction drive in Darrang, Assam district on Thursday, September 23.
According to police, 2000 people protesting the eviction program attacked the police, following which police in defence charged baton and firing which ended up killing two civilians.

Extremely graphic videos of residents charging at the police team and police firing at civilians and hitting them with batons have been circulating on social media after the incident. A photographer at the scene is seen trampling a dead civilian lying on the ground in the video. The internet is yet again divided on the incident giving stir to communalism. 

Take a look at the twitter outrage on the same:

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