Baba Ka Dhaba Trends On Twitter With New Twist In Tale

Baba Ka Dhaba Trends On Twitter With New Twist In Tale

Baba Ka Dhaba is trending on Twitter again and there is a new twist in the tale. The owner of Baba Ka Dhaba, Kanta Prasad has buried the hatched and apologized to food blogger Gaurav Wasan on Monday. Wasan shared a picture with baba on his social media account.

Last year Baba Ka Dhaba came to light when food blogger Gaurav Wasan highlighted the plight of Kanta Prasad through his social media. The dhaba suffered immense loss during the lockdown and the elderly couple was struggling to meet the ends. Wasan’s video went viral and the dhaba became an overnight sensation. He also received donations from people all over the country.

Things went nasty very soon when Kanta Prasad blamed Wasan for swindling his donation money. An FIR was also filed against the food blogger. Gaurav Wasan went on record to show his bank statement publically. The public spat was in news for quite some time.

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Last week another food blogger, Karan Dua went to Baba Ka Dhaba and uploaded a video of Kanta Prasad where he apologized and confessed that Wasan wasn’t a thief.

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The story came to a full circle on Monday when Gaurav Wasan visited the dhaba and hugged the elderly couple. His caption right quoted, “All's well that ends well.”

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