Being A Social-workers During A Pandemic: Interview With The Students of Rabindranath Tagore University

Being A Social-workers During A Pandemic: Interview With The Students of Rabindranath Tagore University

In a time where the entire world is suffering due to a pandemic, there is a need to come forward in whichever way possible and help people around us. There is a need to maintain physical distance, but people are also making mental distance with the victims and their kins. There are heart-wrenching stories where people succumbed to coronavirus since nobody came forward to help them. News of stealing Covid-19 medicine and shortage of oxygen is floating everywhere. The Healthcare system is exhausted at this point mentally, physically and emotionally.

 Social-Work By Students 

At a time where everyone is suffering from a deadly disease at the same time, few young warriors have come forward to save the name of humanity. These students, barely in their early twenties, are going to faraway villages and districts to bring people’s attention to this deadly disease.


The students of Rabindranath Tagore University who are also NSS (National Service Scheme) volunteers are working on the ground for the last one year. They have participated in programs like mask distribution and vaccination drive. They came forward to assist migrant laborers at the Habibganj Railway Station who were returning from metro cities after the lockdown was announced back in March 2020. They have distributed food, water masks and other necessities at bus terminals as well. These students conducted a unique drive where one of them dressed as ‘Yamraj’, imparted awareness related to coronavirus.

 On-Ground Experience 

These students are trying to aid whoever they can, by whatever means they have. Rakhi Ojha, a paramedical student helps people by providing them physiotherapy during their recovery period from COVID-19. She shares an anecdote about how some people had qualms over the Coronavirus vaccine, and how she, in her simplistic way, explained the importance of vaccines to them.

Avinash Chouhan, a third-year student of management and a volunteer of NSS shared his experience of helping out migrant laborers. These migrants, who were returning to their hometown on foot, went through such horrible times that they considered suicide more than once.

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During the second wave, these students have helped a lot of people in finding oxygen calendars, securing a bed in the hospital and other medical assistance. They have tied up with few medical stores in Bhopal who inform them about the availability of important Covid-19 drugs like Fabiflu.

Pandemic brings a lot of challenges for these young volunteers. They keep complete precautions while working on the ground. There is a great risk to them and their families, but the support of their kins and their passion to serve the society in these difficult hours is enough fuel for them. With the help from their faculty, they get great ample assistance from the administration as well. It helps them in reaching out to marginalized communities and needy people.

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