Bella Hadid Gets Dress Spray-Painted on Her Body During Coperni Show at Paris Fashion Week

Bella Hadid Gets Dress Spray-Painted on Her Body During Coperni Show at Paris Fashion Week
Bella Hadid spray-painted dress in Paris Fashion Week 2023

Fashion world is going glam again during this year Paris fashion week. Paris Fashion week occurs twice a year in Feb/March for fall/winter collections and Sep/Oct for spring/summer collections.

This year fashion show is sparkle by the presence of top models like Hadid sisters Bella & Gigi, Jenner’s sisters Kyllie & Kendall Jenner, Vicotria Beckham, Kate Moss, Cindy Bruna, Katherine Langoford and many more.

But only one model who steal the whole show is Bella Hadid. During Coperni show Bella gets spray-on dress, gets fashioned before the audience’s eyes.

Bella Hadid Dress Sprayed on her Body in Paris Fashion Week 2023 

Paris a capital of fashion is again lighten up by the presence of world super models.

Paris Fashion Week Spring collection 2023 Coperni show will remember in the history of fashion world.

When Bella Hadid end the Coperni show with dress spray-painted on her body live in front of the Audience.

  • 25 year old model appeared on the runway wearing nothing only underwears and heels
  • She covered her breast with one arm
  • When she appeared on the runway, she look like a mannequin getting dress for a show
  • Then two men from the company Fabrican began spraying a dress on her body
  • A designer from Coperni shaped the dress into an off shoulders and trimmed the hem to create a thigh –high slit on the front of her legs
  • After that stunning moment she walk the ramp graciously which won the hearts of many fashionista

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A Spray-On Material Made by Fabrican Company 

The material - science company Fabrican. Its proprietary liquid contains cotton or synthetic fibers suspended in a polymer solution that evaporates when it makes contact with the body.

Coperni founder Meyer and Vaillant reportedly working with Fabrican founder Manel Torres to make this dream of spray fabric real.

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