Best Songs of KK- The King of Melody

Best Songs of KK- The King of Melody
Best Songs of KK- The King of Melody

Krishnakumar Kunnath, famously known as KK, was more than a singer; he was a man who knew how to express emotions better through songs. Almost all of his songs hit the deepest chords of our hearts and left a forever mark in our minds. And it’s hard to come through a list of the best songs of KK, each and everyone is worth appreciating.

Still, we tried to make a playlist of songs sung by him that would never fade with time and will keep him alive forever. Let’s recall his unmatchable contribution to the music industry with the best of his melodies.

Best Songs of KK To Listen in Loop

1. Tadap Tadap

Neither KK, the audience nor Salman-Aishwarya can ever forget this song which left many in tears and told how heavy it feels after a heartbreak. The song also proved a golden stage of his career.

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2. Yaad Ayenge Yeh Pal

Indeed! We will miss KK and all the beautiful moments he gave us through his best songs. How an unfortunate coincidence is that he died singing right after a concert in Kolkata where he gave his last performance on this song. Definitely, Yaad Ayenge Yeh Pal!

3. Zara Sa

KK’s songs in the movie ‘Jannat’ hit us differently and this one is still our favorite. Though Neelesh Misra gave lyrics for the song, KK add life to it through his voice.

4. Tujhe Sochta Hoon

Another iconic song from the movie Jannat 2 deserves a place in everyone’s playlist. Tujhe Socchta Hoon is a perfect melody to express how much you love your partner.

5. Yaaron

If Tujhe Sochta Hoon was a love anthem, then Yaaron by KK is a perfect song that tells what friendship is. Life is nothing without good friends.

6. Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar

KK has taught many how to love, and with this song from the movie with the same name; he calmed all those who fell in love for the first time.

7. Labon Ko

KK was one of those singers who made us feel that emotions don’t change with time. He was hit in the 90s and made many fell in love with his voice even in the 2000s. Labon Ko from Bhool Bhulaiya is one of those best works of KK’s life.

 8. Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai- best song of kk

No single person who watched this song disliked Emraan and KK for ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’. In fact, we fell harder for the kind of magic his voice did every time we hear the song.

9. Khuda Jaane

When you fall in love and don’t know why you have been feeling so different, this song has your back. KK won the best male playback singer for Khuda Jaane.

10. Dil Kyun Ye Mera

If you loved Hrithik in this song, also thank KK for the magic he brought to the lyrics. Only he could do that.

11. Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai

One of the best songs of KK one can listen to unlimited times and still can’t get over it is Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai.

12. Sach Keh Rha Hai Dewana

If KK knew how it feels like falling in love, he also knew how badly it hurts. R. Madhavan’s brilliant performance and KK’s magical voice hit directly to our broken hearts in this song.

13. Ha Tu Hai

best songs of kk- ha tu hai

Jannat had only two good things- Emraan’s brilliant acting and KK’s calm voice that he gave to the movie’s songs, Ha Tu Hai is one of them.

14. Ajab Si

Romance king Shah Rukh Khan, beauty queen Deepika, and the industry’s one of best singers KK; the trio did magic in this song.

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15. Sajde

Sajde from Khatta Meetha was one of those best songs of KK for which he was nominated for Best Male Playback Singer. He did not win the award but he definitely won enormous love from the audience.

16. Soniye

17. Hai Junoon

new york movie song

New York movie’s best song Hai Junoon is no less than a motivation to youngsters and KK boosted the lyrics’ power with his voice.

18. Tu Bhoola Jise

KK was not only known for romantic melodies, Tu Bhoola Jise from Airlift was one of the best works other than romantic songs.

19. Mera Maa

KK had the power to express any type of emotion, Mera Maa song from Yaariyan reflects the love for our mom precisely.

20. Zindagi Do Pal Ki

Just turn on the playlist of Best of KK on Spotify and feel the magic begins as these best songs gradually immerse you in the ocean of emotions.


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