Bhopal Rape Case Update: 4 School Authorities Booked Under POSCO Act

Bhopal Rape Case Update: 4 School Authorities Booked Under POSCO Act
Update in Bhopal Rape Case

Madhya Pradesh's Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reprimanded school management and ordered officials to take strict action in the recent rape case in Bhopal.

Chouhan said it has "shaken the belief of people and we cannot leave children at the hands of barbarians." 

He also said, "it is the duty of the school management to ensure police verification of the bus staff."

School Principal and 3 More Booked Under POSCO Act

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On September 8, a three-and-a-half-year-old girl in nursery class was raped by the school's bus driver. The shocking fact is that a female bus attendant was also present when the incident happened.

She did not reveal the truth and said the girl dropped water on herself that's why she changed her dress. 

Police have already arrested the accused Hanumant Jatav( the school bus driver) and Urmila Sahu who was the bus attendant. They have also demolished Hanumant's house. 

Four more people are also booked by the police recently. Among those are school chairperson Najam Jamal and Principal Ashish Agarwal.

Director Operation Faizal Ali and Transport Manager Syed Bilal are also under custody. All the arrested people are booked as per the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

Protest at Billabong High International School

Parents of other school children reached the school on Friday early morning to meet the principal and school management. But did not get a response. 

Guards had put up barricades to stop them from entering which raised parents' anger and they started protesting.

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Strict Checking of School Buses After Nursery Girl Raped in Bhopal

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Now, as per orders from the CM, a special team of three-member is formed to conduct an investigation. Additional Commissioner of Police Shrutikirti Somvanshi is heading the SIT. 

On Thursday, the RTO team and police checked schools and college buses in the city for CCTV cameras, a first aid kit, a speed governor, a GPS tracking system, and other safety features. 

Out of 762 buses checked, 56 buses did not have such features. Police are taking strict against those vehicle owners. 

Moreover, the bus drivers, conductors, transport in charge as well as female attendant staff in buses were made to sign an affidavit. 

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The affidavit says- the safety of every student traveling on the bus is our responsibility and we will take care of them like guardians. 

Officials also check the police verification of bus drivers. Most of them were not having the verification. This again raises questions on school management about their hiring process. 

Now police and the SIT team are gathering information on school buses and their drivers in the city. They have also released a guideline on necessary safety features, a school bus must have.

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