Bollywood Celebrities Who Will Inspire You With Their Major Body Transformations

Bollywood Celebrities Who Will Inspire You With Their Major Body Transformations

While all of us are great fans of Bollywood celebrities and their fitness, they put in a lot of effort to look flawless. We have a long list of celebs who are well known for their workout routine and diets. However, there are also celebrities who've set examples of amazing body transformation. Recently, Fardeen Khan's picture after his weight loss went viral and remained in discussion among fans. Along with him let's get to know some other celebrities who can be looked up for inspiration regarding body transformation.  

Bollywood Celebrities Who Went Through Major Body Transformation 

1. Fardeen Khan 

Fardeen Khan had been a heartthrob in the early 1990s. He later disappeared and made a comeback with several increased pounds. Despite being fat-shamed, the actor did not keep away from expressing himself and stood strong. In 2016, he tweeted: “Nt ashamed neither shamed. Nt offended. Nt depressed. Nt blind either. Happy?? Living d happiest chapter thus far. With lbs to show for it.” Moreover, the recent body transformations he has made indicate a major comeback by him and swiped everyone off their feet.

2. Bhumi Pednekar 

Bhumi Pednekar is such a stunning Bollywood diva now that it would be hard to believe that she was the overweight girl in the 2015 movie, Dum Laga Ke Haisha. The actress has definitely worked hard and spent long hours at gyms to shed away her extra weight.

3. Arjun Kapoor 

The six-pack abs and ripped physique with which Arjun entered Bollywood was flabbergasting. However, he was never as fit before. In fact, he weighed far more than the BMI recommended weight. It may have taken him a lot of work to emerge as one of the fittest Bollywood actors and gave a great performance in Panipat recently.

4. Parineeti Chopra 

Before making it to Bollywood, Parineeti used to be overweight, however, she's now one of the flag bearers of fitness among all actresses in the industry. Well, Parineeti gives all the credit for this transformation to Bollywood. She took the pressure positively and turned into her best. She also accepted this in an Instagram post commemorating her transformative weight loss journey.

5. Adnan Sami  

We had known Adnan Sami with his bulging body for a long time. However, it's impressive how he took little yet noticeable steps to shed away the excess weight. In 2013, during an interview, he said he made it to 155 kilos from 220 kilos. He added that it was absolutely like shedding two individuals out of your body. His entire weight loss journey became even more impressive when in 2017 he reduced his weight to 65 kilos.

6. Sonakshi Sinha  

For Sonakshi, Bollywood pressure wasn't the reason to take weight loss plans seriously. It was when she actually went to the gym. She decided to lose weight not because she wanted to be an actor but because she needed it. Before she made her Bollywood debut, she lost 30 kilos.

We can surely take a lot of inspiration from these Bollywood celebrities.

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