Breaking Barriers: Bhopal’s First Women Entrepreneurs To Own A Cafe

Breaking Barriers: Bhopal’s First Women Entrepreneurs To Own A Cafe

Women are breaking all stereotypes, taking up difficult challenges, and shining in every industry. Like any other industry, the hospitality industry comes up with many challenges, and facing them with flying colors is not easy. Applauding the idea, dedication, and innovation that these two women entrepreneurs from Bhopal did. Shruti and Ishita, the proud women entrepreneurs of Bhopal are running a successful cafe named ‘Mokachi’.

Mokachi is Bhopal’s first culinary venture owned by two women. Located in the lush greenery surrounded by pleasingly tall eucalyptus trees this cafe is a place for leisure and fun. However keeping the consistency of food, ambiance, and hospitality is not at all easy. In an interview with Agnito Today, the proud owners Ishita and Shruti reveal the story behind the renowned ‘Mokachi’ Cafe.

Let’s Know About The Minds Behind ‘Mokachi’ Cafe

This alluring cafe with a soothing environment and welcoming heart is run by Shruti and Ishita. Talking about their educational background, Shruti is a Computer Science engineer and holds an MBA degree in Human resources. Whereas Ishita did her BBA from Sydney. 

How Mokachi came into reality?

Bhopal is still evolving and is adapting to the cultures of the metropolitan cities. New cafes are opening in the ‘City of Lakes’ at a very fast pace. The concept of live music along with delicious food is a great combination which many big cities already had.

But in Bhopal Mokachi boasts to be the first cafe to have live music with popular bands performing and winning hearts. The calming music and a cozy ambiance is what makes Mokachi the most preferred choice of people. 

What Challenges They Faced?

“Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it.” 

Running a business successfully is not a cakewalk. Mokachi paved its way through many hardships that these women entrepreneurs successfully handled. Talking about their helping hand Shruti says,

“The cafe was initially started by my husband Akshay and my sister in law Ishita. Then Akshay went ahead to focus on his other businesses and Me and Ishita are now handling Mokachi cafe.”

Her husband was her support system and helped them initially to learn the tactics and techniques of running the cafe. He helps them learn the managing skills and now these two ladies are conquering it phenomenally.

Did you have a business background?

Running a business has many challenges and with experience, you can get the tactics to handle them. Shruti had no experience in running a business as she belonged to a service class background. Her husband Akshay helped them in running the cafe initially. The initial 3-4 months were crucial and came with many challenges but Shruti figured ways to handle them and turned every challenge into an opportunity. 

Meaning of Mokachi

The name is very unique and intrigues many visitors to know the meaning behind the name. Mokachi is a Japanese word that means ‘worthy’ or ‘value’. This word truly defines the quality of the cafe but this is not the only reason why this cafe was named Mokachi. Revealing the hidden meaning behind the name Shruti said:

MO, KA, and CHI are the initials of their nicknames. Shruti’s husband’s name is Montu, Ishita’s nickname Chikki and Shruti’s nickname is Kanu. Together they formed a meaningful name that stands for its ‘value’ - MOKACHI.

USP of Mokachi

Mokachi’s location is the USP of the cafe. Situated on the outskirts of Bhopal Mokachi is away from the city crowd and noise. Mokachi is a calming place where you can relax, enjoy lip-smacking food, and enjoy live music with a heart touching voice. Also, the cafe believes in giving quality food which is value for money. The efficient team of Mokachi cafe works together to make your experience memorable and wonderful.

The vision of Mokachi Cafe

Mokachi cafe is already doing pretty well. But the vision is to see Mokachi progressing and turning into a brand that everyone talks about. Shruti in the conversation also mentioned how quality is what Mokachi promises and no matter how far the cafe goes the quality will always be ensured.

What are the famous dishes of ‘Mokachi’

The food at this cafe is irresistible and everything that the cafe serves is scrumptious. But nothing can beat the Dahi Ke Sholay and Oreo Mud Pot as they are the bestsellers of the cafe.

 Oreo mud pot is a very appealing and exclusive dish of Mokachi which one must try.

Are you fond of cooking?

Shruti is fond of cooking and says that she is a passionate cook and baker. 

Is it a family place?

Mokachi being a very attractive place has a family crowd as well. The menu, ambiance, and warmth of the cafe gather a crowd of all age groups. Since the cafe does not serve liquor so many families come here to enjoy family time.

Did you face any Pandemic effects?

During the lockdown, the cafe was closed but after the unlock Mokachi was fortunate enough to get the same attention as it used to have. The brand speaks and if the cafe is good people will come over and over says Shruti.

These two women have successfully set an example that dreams do come true and only hard work and dedication can help you achieve the milestones of success. Battling the male-dominated field these women have been the epitome of diligence and perseverance.

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