Breaking: Spike In Covid-19 Cases, Lanzhou City, China Under Lockdown

Breaking: Spike In Covid-19 Cases, Lanzhou City, China Under Lockdown

Lanzhou city (population of four million), China is put under lockdown, on Tuesday, to control the spike in Coronavirus cases. The residents are demanded to stay home and not to leave unless an absolute emergency requires them to.

Residents of Lanzhou will be required to stay at home, authorities said in a statement. Officials added the "entry and exit of residents" would be strictly controlled and limited to essential supplies or medical treatment.

Testing Has Been Ramped Up

Health officials have warned that more infections may emerge as testing is sped up in the coming days to fight the outbreak, which has been linked to a group of in-country tourists.

Strict lockdown orders have already been imposed on thousands of people in northern China. Beijing reported three new cases on Tuesday and access to tourist sites has been limited and residents asked not to leave the city unless an emergency arrives.

While the country's case numbers are extremely low compared with elsewhere in the world, China is strict on a zero-case strategy throughout the pandemic.

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Rising Cases In Beijing

On Tuesday, the official Xinhua news agency reported that Ejin Banner, the party secretary in the northern Inner Mongolia region had been rusticated from his position, "due to poor performance and failing in prevention and control of the epidemic".

The city has also been hit by the latest wave which has mostly spread in northern areas in China. Mass testing is in progress in 11 provinces where authorities have suspended inter-provincial tour groups in five areas where cases have been detected, including Beijing.

Earlier, Lanzhou city and parts of Inner Mongolia had already suspended bus and taxi services.

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