Brother Faissal Khan Opens Up On Aamir's Divorce With Kiran Rao

Brother Faissal Khan Opens Up On Aamir's Divorce With Kiran Rao

Not very long ago Aamir Khan left everyone shocked when he announced his separation with his now ex wife Kiran Rao . After staying married for 15 years the couple decided to part ways and left everyone wondering over the reason of their separation, they released the video stating they're happy with the decision & are still very good friends. And while everyone has something to say about this, Aamir’s brother Faissal Khan was quite recently asked about his views on the Taare Zameen Par star and Kiran’s divorce. To this, the actor, now director said that he won't be the right person to comment on this matter.

Furthermore, Faissal also said that his brother and Kiran are the best judges of their respective lives. “I cannot give them any advice. My marriage didn’t work out, so I am no one to comment on anyone’s personal life. They know what is best for them,” he told ETimes. He also interestingly spoke about his relationship with Aamir & the cordial equation that they share currently. “Everything is okay between us. As an individual, I take my own decisions. I am not a director who doesn’t know what he has made. I have given my best and my producers have helped me with it. God’s and the audience’s verdict remains to be seen,” he stated. 

Faissal Khan has been all over the news lately given courtesy to his upcoming movie Faactory. The movie will be his directorial debut and will also mark Faissal’s return to industry after a hiatus. Faissal also shared that while he is looking forward for the film to release, Aamir has already given a swift approval to Faactory. “Both my mom and Aamir have watched the film. My mother loved it. It was my mother’s dream that I should turn director, which has been fulfilled with this film. Aamir found the film very engaging and said it is very good for a first time director,” Faissal said. 

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