Careful! Vegetables Are Being Cleaned With Sewage Water In MP’s Bhopal

Careful! Vegetables Are Being Cleaned With Sewage Water In MP’s Bhopal

In Bhopal, green fresh vegetables are being washed in sewage water. One such video is going viral on social media. The video shows a vegetable seller, cleaning vegetables and coriander using dirty sewage water, without any hesitance. Even after being asked not to do it in the video, there is no effect on his health, rather he is intent on spoiling the health of others.

If you think you are bringing green fresh vegetables, get aware and informed. They may also have been cleaned by washing them in gutter water. As seen in this video of Bhopal. A vegetable seller is making his vegetables shine by washing them in polluted sewage water.

Watch The Video Here:

Cleaning vegetables in the silence of the night

This video is said to be from the Sindhi Colony of Bhopal. The video is showing a vegetable seller who is cleaning the green vegetables by washing them in sewage water in the silence of the night. It is clearly visible in the video that this is not an inner street, but a big intersection. The crossroads are silent because of the nighttime. The vegetable vendor is standing with a sack full of vegetables as he takes each of them out to wash in the polluted water. On the way, a citizen made this video and made it viral on social media.

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The order of the investigation to the SDM

The video went viral to an extent that it reach the Bhopal administration. Collector Avnish Lavania said that the matter has been taken seriously. The SDM has been ordered to investigate the matter and take strict action. The vegetable vendor is being identified and searched. The collector said that every activity of this nature is being monitored.

Dangerous to health

Doctors are considering it as a direct health hazard. They say that the polluted water from the sewage also pollutes the vegetables. Many disease-borne bacteria and viruses are spread through this contaminated water. Be careful with buying groceries and make sure you wash them thoroughly with hot water or soda.

Case registered against unknown vegetable vendor

After the order of the Collector, a case has been registered against an unknown youth in the Mangalwara police station area. An FIR has been registered after the video went viral. 

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