Rohit Shetty Did it One More Time! Cirkus is a Remake of Angoor 1982

Rohit Shetty Did it One More Time! Cirkus is a Remake of Angoor 1982
Is cirkus a remake of Angoor movie

A duo of Rohit – Ranveer again come back with a new comedy masala movie Cirkus. Many knows that it is based on Shakespeare's play ‘Comedy of Errors’.

But few know that it’s story is loosely based on 1982 Gulzar’s Angoor movie.

Well, it’s not new for the Rohit-Ranveer duo they did it in the past. Simmba movie was the remake of the south super hit movie Temper.

And now Cirkus movie which is loosely based on the Bollywood old classic movie ‘Angoor’.

1982 Angoor an Old Classic Movie of Gulzar

1982 Angoor movie is an old classic movie of Gulzar. In this movie, Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma are two sets of identical twins who are separated at birth.

Sanjeev Kumar and his twin both have similar name Ashok and Deven Verma's twin has a similar name as ‘Bahadur’.

The situation goes blunder when both sets of twins started to live in the same city.

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Is Cirkus Based on Angoor Movie?

In one of the old interview, Rohit Shetty said that-

“We've made a cute. comedy film with Ranveer called Cirkus. It's not similar to Angooor at all. If I have to genuinely tell you, Cirkus is not Angoor, it's Comedy of Errors, which is a Shakespearean play”.

Well, time will tell us what is true. Either it is a remake of Angoor or a different version of it, we will watch it soon in the theatre on 23rd December.

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