Communal Harmony: Gurdwaras In Gurgaon Open Their Doors To Muslims For Namaz 

Communal Harmony: Gurdwaras In Gurgaon Open Their Doors To Muslims For Namaz 

In Gurugram, Haryana, the number of public places to offer Namaz has been reduced due to protests from right-wing organizations and some local residents. Following this, a local association of gurdwaras announced on Wednesday that it would allow prayers to be offered at the gurdwara. Gurugram's Gurdwara Singh Sabha committee, to which five gurdwaras are affiliated - Sadar Bazar Sabzi Mandi, Sector 39 (near Medanta), Sector 46, Jacobpura and Model Town - said they had approached the administration to allow Muslims to offer will do. Namaz can be offered in small groups without compromising on the Covid protocol.

Harry Sindhu of the committee said, 'Very sad to learn about the protest against Namaz in open areas. The doors of our Gurudwaras are always open to all. If Muslims are having trouble finding a place for Friday prayers, they are welcome to offer prayers in the Gurdwaras. He said that each gurdwara has the capacity to accommodate thousands of people at a time, but they are only allowing small groups due to the COVID norms.

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Sher Dil Singh, another member of the committee, said that the gurdwara is the "darbar of the guru", where one can come and offer prayers. "If our Muslim brothers are facing problems, we will offer them the premises of the gurdwaras," Singh said. He said he would welcome anyone who wanted to offer prayers irrespective of their faith and belief. Last Friday, the number of open places for offering prayers in the city decreased from 37 to 20. Effectively reduced to 19 after protests against the use of public places for namaz in Sirhaul.

Muslim Rashtriya Manch President, Khurshid Razaka welcomed the initiative of the Gurdwara Association, saying it would help in establishing peace and harmony. "Everyone should take inspiration from the Sikh community and help people of other religions in their religious activities without any enmity," Razaka said. He said that there have been instances in the past also where Muslims have offered prayers at religious places of other communities.

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Altaf Ahmed, the co-founder of Gurugram Muslim Council and Gurugram Nagrik Ekta Manch, said that he and other Muslims of the city appreciated the brilliant offer of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Committee. "It is a true example of brotherhood where people of different religions have come forward to defeat the divisive forces spreading hatred and communal disharmony in the city in the last two months," Ahmed said. A day earlier, a Hindu man had offered a small commercial place for prayers to the Muslim community. “I am sure that more and more people in the communities will come forward to offer their personal properties,” Ahmed said. Where Muslims can pray for 30 minutes every Friday." He said he hoped the Haryana government would take action and allot land for mosques to Muslims at the earliest so that they could "pray with honour".

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