Convert Your Balcony In A Zen Space On A Budget

Convert Your Balcony In A Zen Space On A Budget

Every house needs a space where you can forget about the worries of the world and just relax. The balcony is a perfect space to be turned into a cozy corner. It gets tons of natural lights, fresh air and you get views which are not electronic screens or walls. Beautifying your balcony means that you will spend more hours outdoors instead of being glued to your sofa. Specially during pandemic, when we are spending all our time indoors, it's lovely to have a beautiful place for yourself. 

Here are few budget-friendly tips for you to transform your balcony into a zen space:


Bring in plants

The easiest way to amp up your balcony game is to bring in some greenery. A frugal trip to your nearest nursery will transform your boring outdoor space into a cozy one. If you’re a beginner, consider getting low-maintenance plants. Create depth in your arrangement by choosing plants of different heights and sizes. 


Create a seating arrangement

A space to sit and ponder on the wonders of the world is necessary in your balcony. Depending on the size of your space choose outdoor furniture or opt for a small floor seating arrangement. A couple of floor cushions are perfect if you have a space crunch in your balcony. They are easy to maintain and can easily be placed and removed. Add few cushions and a throw blanket to make the coziest reading nook of your house.


Create a coffee table

You don’t need to go all fancy for it. A wooden crate or even a sturdy cardboard box covered in a pretty cloth can function as a surface to put your coffee mug, coasters and book. Just make sure to not to put too much weight on it if it’s fragile. Having a dedicated space for your everyday needs gives your space a cohesive look. 


Don’t ignore the walls

Balcony walls do not need to be boring. Jazz up the area by painting the walls in bright colour. You can even paint a wall mural if you have painting skills. The look can also be achieved by using wall stencils. 

Cheap and low-maintenance wall décor pieces are perfect for your balcony. Think terracotta wall plates or banners made out of waste clothes. 


Wind chime

This decorative object is a must-have in every home. Get one for your home so that its soothing tinkling sound can take away all the negative energy from your house. The variety in wind chimes is huge and you get it in a lot of materials. Choose one which is appropriate for the wear and tear of outdoor space. 


Use vertical space

If you have a smaller balcony, you wouldn’t want to fill in all the floor space. Think out of the box and use the vertical space. Hanging planters are great options when you don’t want to overwhelm the look of your area. The vertical garden is also very popular for small apartments. 

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Shop your home

Decorating any space from the scratch can be very costly. This is why you should shop your house first and then decide what you need to buy. It means taking decor pieces from your house and using them in your balcony. The cushions, wall décor, small decorative objects can be easily mixed and matched from your own house. You only need to buy things that are not available in your house.


Use curtains

Having a curtain in your balcony is not very practical in India’s dusty environment. But it looks super pretty. Adding loads of soft furnishing will instantly give you a cozy space without making much effort. Use curtains in pastel colours to instantly elevate the look of your balcony. 


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