COVID-19 Survivors’ Tale Of Elderlies To Escalate Your Desire To Live 

COVID-19 Survivors’ Tale Of Elderlies To Escalate Your Desire To Live 

While adulating, every individual develops his/ her coping mechanism to deal with different types of stress or traumas in life. Losing a loved one, financial crisis, career frustration, challenges in a relationship or family; these are all dealt with in some or the other way because we have learned to deal with such situations.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing an era when we are hit by a rare lethal disease that is infectious. Unlike previous times, the entire world is dealing with it at the same time, much thanks to the globalized world. Our parents haven’t seen anything like this neither our grandparents. Many people are not able to grapple with the idea of tremendous direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 and it leads to numerous mental health issues.

While there is so much news of even young people succumbing to the Coronavirus, many senior citizens have brought smiles to our faces through their warrior spirits by recovering from COVID. Now and then, we hear these covid success stories of elderly people who are returning to their homes as healthy people. Probably it’s their will to live more, or maybe they have seen far worse so it doesn’t affect them that badly. The survivor’s tale of these senior citizens will reaffirm your faith in the guidance of elders.

83-year-old P.O. Shamsuddin from Kerala was admitted to the hospital after being infected with the Coronavirus. The octogenarian who had undergone two open–heart surgeries previously spent 47 days in ICU before being declared out of danger. He dedicates his survival to the State and hospital authorities. Presently, Shamsudeen creates awareness about COVID-19 on social media.

When the disease reached villages from big cities, the situation became even more dangerous. Suresh Chavan from Maharashtra’s Katgaon Tanda village took his 105-year-old father and 95-years-old mother to the hospital. The elderly couple was hospitalized for 9 days in the ICU ward. The couple was kept on oxygen support and was given five doses of the antiviral. Doctors maintain that the early diagnosis and timely treatment helped the senior citizen couple beat the virus. It is a marvelous COVID victims’ story of survival.

In a similar miraculous story, more than 100 COVID-19 survivors were admitted to the ‘Dependent Ward’ of a Hyderabad hospital as they had nowhere to. They all used to live in an old-age home.

In an almost identical tale, a 90-year-old man from Beed district has beaten the deadly virus twice. One of the elderly COVID survivors, the nonagenarian has attributed his recovery to clean habits, a disciplined lifestyle and a positive attitude.

Some of these stories of COVID-19 survival are dedicated to the doctors and the right treatment, some attribute it to the correct lifestyle and others accredit good deeds and God’s will. But there is one common thread in the recovery of all these senior citizens that is their will to live. Despite their problems and limitations whether they are related to age or finances, these people had a desire to live and a little more to life. That’s something that is missing in the mindset of today’s youth and middle-aged group.

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100-year-old Nagendramma, who is admitted to the ‘Dependents Ward’ of Hyderabad’s hospital, shrieks every time a caregiver tries to lift her to make her sit. But when you ask her age, she chuckles and says, “I am as young as a kid.” The centenarian’s response makes everyone on duty laugh. Probably we need her attitude to deal with this pandemic and many other challenges that will come our way in the future. Older people’s stories of COVID-19 survival is nothing short of an inspiration.

These elderly souls teach us the true meaning of survival. Most of them saw the trauma of partition or lived through its memories. The country went through a lot of ups and downs during its initial nation-building days. All of these circumstances had direct and indirect effects on the citizens. Despite all the odds, these elderly people are here to tell us one more survivor’s tale about a deadly disease that originated from China and put the entire world in a stall.


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