Dangerous Scrub Typhus Disease in MP: Know all About the Life-Threatening Condition

Dangerous Scrub Typhus Disease in MP: Know all About the Life-Threatening Condition
13 New Cases of Scrub Typhus Disease Found in M.P.

There are 13 cases of Scrub Typhus found in MP within the last 15 days. Total of 150 patients getting treatment in Mandsaur private hospitals. One patient died due to lung and kidney failures.

According to the MP health department, there is nothing to fear about this condition because the situation is under control.

What is this deadly Scrub Typhus disease? and what preventive measures people should take to avoid the spread of this disease.

13 Positive cases of Scrub Typhus were Found in MP in the Last 15 Days

Scrub Typhus again knocked on the state of MP, within the last 15 days 13 new positive cases are found, out of which 10 were in Mandsaur, 2 in other districts and 1 patient came from Rajsthan.

It is noted that there are more than 150 patients are getting treatment in the hospitals of MP. Team of the health department taking samples from the nearby house of the affected zone.

Scrub Typhus Disease patient was first found in MP in 2017. But this year no.of patients is high. According to the health department of Bhopal, doctors are taking strict measures to control this situation and in the upcoming time, MP state will be free from Scrub Typhus disease.

What is Scrub Typhus Disease? How it transmitted, Symptoms &Treatment

Scrub Typhus disease is related to the rickettsial disease. It is spread by the bites of Larva mites (Pissu in Hindi). The saliva of the Larva mites contains Orientia tsutsugamushi (previously known as Rickettsia tsutsugamushi) bacteria, which cause infection in the human body.

Usually, Larva mites are found in the body of rodents like rats and mice.

Symptoms –

Symptoms of life-threatening scrub typhus disease

• In 1st week fever rises

• Severe headache

• Red rashes develop on the skin after the 5th or 8th day of fever and later extended to the arm and legs

• Cough is present in the first week of fever and in the 2nd-week pneumonitis develop

• In severe cases pulse rates increase, blood pressure decrease and cardiomyopathy develops

Treatment –

Usually, doctors prescribes antibiotics for the treatment of Scrub Typhus Disease.

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