Decoupled Season 1 Review: Madhavan & Suvreen Chawla Do A Wonderful Job In This New Netflix Series, Find Out More

Decoupled Season 1 Review: Madhavan & Suvreen Chawla Do A Wonderful Job In This New Netflix Series, Find Out More

Netflix Series: Decoupled Season 1

Cast: Madhavan, Surveen Chawla

Created and Written by: Manu Joseph

Directed by: Hardik Mehta

Google Rating: 4.5 Stars

Decoupled Story:

Celebrity author Arya Iyer (R Madhavan) and finance manager Shruti Sharma Iyer (Surveen Chawla) are a couple drifting apart. After several years of marriage, they are looking to divorce each other and also continue to live in the same house to co-parent their school-going daughter Rohini (Arista Mehta). And to make a formal announcement of their separation, they even decide to host a Decoupling Party/Ceremony in Goa.

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Watch Decoupled Here:

Decoupled Review:

Released on 17th December, Decoupled is a Netflix Original series, that everyone was waiting for. The show’s highlight was Madhavan, everyone was excited to watch him on screen again. The show’s writer-creator Manu Joseph (‘Serious Men’) and director Hardik Mehta (‘Kaamyaab’, ‘Roohi’) don’t bother with going into the backstory of how Arya and Shruti meet, fall in love and get married, only to drift apart years later. They begin the narrative with the couple having yet another problem in their car while on the way to drop him at the airport, setting the tone for the eight episodes.

Each episode with a title based on the main idea of the episode. Soon, we know that Arya is not an average chilled-out guy, but one who is straightforward and a party-pooper. And Shruti not only hates this habit of his speaking his mind and getting into trouble every single time, but is also embarrassed by it.

Manu and Hardik conveniently bring out the dramas of marriage in this show with a decent sliver of comedy as well. The thing that makes this relatable to a lot of watchers is the fact that it talks about how couples have quarrels and they will with it without separating physically. Just how used to they are with each other.

The show also makes a telling comment on the influence of social media today, when a short video can be used to take off on someone in the virtual world without a second thought and be made to go viral in no time, without caring for the consequences. At the same time, it also takes a dig on some news-making topics subtly. Scenes like Arya agitating security personnel at the airport with his unnecessary questions and remarks, and in turn being branded ‘anti-national’ by other passengers, are good enough evidence.

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Should You Watch Decoupled?

Madhavan does a wonderful job playing a writer who takes no chance in keeping his thoughts to himself. He keeps his role of Arya as subtle and simple, and just as effortless. Surveen Chawla compliments him with her performance as the independent wife, or should we say soon-to-be ex-wife, Shruti. She looks wonderful and her chemistry with Madhavan is convincing, whether their characters are bickering or in banter.

To sum up, ‘Decoupled’ is an interesting take on separating couples while also touching upon today’s trending topics on social media. All in all this show is a must-watch for a Friday night.



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