Cheetah Vs Jaguar Vs Leopard: Know the Differences between the Big Cats of Jungle

Cheetah Vs Jaguar Vs Leopard: Know the Differences between the Big Cats of Jungle
Differences Between the Jaguars, Leopards and Cheetah

As we all heard about the name Cheetah, Jaguars and Leopards, big cats of the jungle, but do we all know the differences among the all three. The answer is no.

Most of the people confuse between Leopard and Cheetah only few know the real differences between them.

Today we are going to talk about the difference among the Cheetah, Leopard and Jaguar.

Differences among the Leopard Vs Jaguar Vs Cheetah –

Physical Difference among the Jaguars Vs Cheetah Vs Leopard

With keen eyes you can identify the difference among these three very easily.


Look similar to tiger in comparison to its heavy body weight, muscular structure, large head and strong jaw.

Their jaw and teeth strength is strongest in mammals.

You can easily recognize Jaguar through their skin which have clear rosette shaped spots all over their body.

Leopard –

 Leopard looks are similar to both Jaguar and Cheetah. Their body weight is lighter than Jaguar but heavier than Cheetah.

Legs are short, but body is long with broad head and massive skull.

Leopard can climb on the tree and their skin coat is covered with less clear rosette spots.

Leopard head is less broader than Jaguar.

Cheetah –

Cheetah body is thin and long legs help him to run fast.

This animal forehead is slightly similar to cat, which is shorter than Jaguar and Leopard.

Cheetah has a long black stripe running from the corner of their eyes to the snout of their face on both side of their nose.

Cheetah Skin has black round spots.

Habitat of Jaguars, Leopards and Cheetah –

Jaguar –

Jaguar main habitat is amazon forests. They also populated the South and Central America.

Most of the Jaguars live near the Brazil. Other lives near the Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

They prefer to live in the tropical rainforests and swampland.

Leopard –

Leopards can found in the different countries of Africa, Middle East and Asia. In Asia they can found in India and China.

Snowy Leopards can found in Eastern Russia.

Leopards main habitat lands are tropical forests, prairie savannah, desert and semi-desert area and mountain.

Cheetah –

Cheetah mostly found in western and southern Africa like Namibia, Zimbabwe, Bostwana, Kenya and Tanzania and other African countries.

The only Asian countries they can found is Iran, in other Asian countries they are extinct.

Cheetah mostly found in dry forests, semi-desert, Savannah and Grasslands.

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Behavioral Differences of Jaguars, Leopards and Cheetah –

Jaguars –

They live in solitary; they only meet other Jaguars for the mating purpose.

They prefer to be active at night for hunting purpose. They love to reside near water bodies and like swimming.

Leopards –

Leopards are also solitary and nocturnal felines.

They have strong territorial instinct; it shows through their behavior when they mark their territory with their urine and feces.

They communicate through various types of sounds.

Cheetah –

Cheetah lives in the groups. Female Cheetah lives in solitary but with their cubs.

Cheetah has strong territorial instinct they mark their territory with their feces, urine, marks on trees and ground. They also leave their scents on grass.

They usually prey at day.

Diet of Jaguars, Leopards and Cheetah –

Jaguars –

Jaguars are known for their strongest jaws and teeth.

Their strong teeth can pierce the skin of crocodile, alligators.

Jaguars are usually slow, so they prefer to hunt down the reptiles.

They eat - wild pigs, Tapirs, deer, alligators, snakes, birds and fishes and other.


They surprisingly attack on their prey.

They attack on the neck and suffocate them

Leopards eat - antelope, Gazelle, deer, pigs, cattle, birds, monkeys, rodents and arthropods and sometime hyena.

They sometime store their meat to eat later.

Cheetah –

One of the fastest cats among the three, they don’t have to work hard for their prey.

Cheetahs are not stronger than Jaguar and Leopards so they hunt on limited animals.

They eat – Antelopes, Gazelles, Birds, Hares and others.

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Which one is the Fastest Big Cats? Leopards or Cheetah or Jaguars ?

Cheetah are the fastest mammals in the world, they can reach to the speed from zero to 96 Km within 3 second.

Cheetah maximum speed is 109 Km.

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