Dry Days 2022: Complete List Of Dry Days In India

Dry Days 2022: Complete List Of Dry Days In India

Do you know what ‘dry days’ are? Dry days are specific days when the sale of alcohol in clubs, shops, and bars are prohibited by the government. These days are either an election or a festival day. People are advised not to plan or throw any huge party on these days as they might get into trouble. As per Section 23 of the Act, if you get caught buying and drinking alcohol, you are charged with a penalty of Rs. 1000 as punishment for the offence.

Here’s a list of dry days in India in 2022 to plan parties in advance.

Dry Days List 2022

14 January: Makar Sankranti

26 January: Republic Day

30 January: Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary or Shaheed Diwaas

19 February: Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahavir Jayanti

26 February: Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti

01 March: Maha Shivratri

18 March: Holi

10 April: Mahavir Jayanti and Ambedkar Jayanti

15 April: Good Friday

01 May: Maharashtra Day

03 May: Eid-ul-Fitr

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10 July: Ashadi Ekadashi

13 July: Guru Purnima

08 August: Muharram

15 August: Independence Day

19 August: Janmashthami

31 August: Ganesh Chaturthi 

09 September: Anant Chaturdashi

02 October: Gandhi Jayanti

05 October: Dussehra

09 October: Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

24 October: Diwali

04 November: Kartiki Ekadashi

08 November: Guru Nanak Jayanti

25 December: Christmas

The legal age for drinking alcohol is kept as 21 years. However, in states, the legal age could be 18 or as high as 25 years. Another important note to keep in mind is when you buy alcohol except these days; you must have valid ID proof.

Apart from this, Dry Days are seen 48 hours before the polling day.

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