Dubai Goes 100% Paperless, What Are The Benefits? Find Out Here

Dubai Goes 100% Paperless, What Are The Benefits? Find Out Here

Dubai's Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced that the Emirate has become the world's first government, in the world to go paperless. He also calculated the savings of 1.3 billion Dirham (INR 2.6 Crores) and 14 million man-hours.

The Dubai government's internal and external transactions and procedures are now fully digital and controlled over digital government services platform.

"The achievement of this goal represents the start of a new stage in Dubai's journey to paperless life in all of its aspects, a journey rooted in innovation, sustainability and a focus on the coming years," Sheikh Hamdan said on Saturday.

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Over the next 50 years, according to the Crown Prince, the Dubai Government plans to implement number of planned strategies to establish and maximize digital life in Dubai.

"The next phase of Dubai's digital journey will allow future governments to meet the expectations of empowered smart city residents and give them new opportunities for luxury, sustainable development and happiness," said the prince.

There were five phases to the Dubai Paperless Startegy, each involved a distinct group of Dubai government authorities. The strategy had been fully in practice in all 45 government authorities in the emirate towards the end of the last phase. There are 1,800+ digital services and 10,500+ important transactions are supported by these entities.

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The approach also allowed Dubai government to save more than 1.3 billion dirhams (INR 2.6 crores) and over 14 million man hours.

The Dubai Government's comprehensive digital transformation eliminate the need for paper transactions and documentation, enhancing the daily life of the residents whether they are handed out to customers or exchanged between governmental entities.

The DubaiNow application, which provides access to more than 130 smart city services in 12 major categories, will also help provide exceptional experiences for residents, according to the statement.

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