EAT, PLAY, REPEAT. Make Your Day Pawwfect At The Bhopal's First Dog Cafe 'Pawppiness'

EAT, PLAY, REPEAT. Make Your Day Pawwfect At The Bhopal's First Dog Cafe 'Pawppiness'

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole"

Dogs are not only the most loyal animal but they are also the best therapist. If you are feeling low and meet a dog it automatically refreshes your mood and makes you feel positive. A dog coming towards you with his wagging tail will make all your vain go away. There are many people around the world who wish to have a pet dog but this desire remains unfulfilled.

Do not feel depressed if you can't afford a dog or your family doesn't permit you to have a pet dog at home.

Bhopal's first dog cafe will let you fulfill the dream of spending time with a dog come true. Many metropolitan cities have already adopted this unique concept of having pet cafes.

'Pawppiness-The Dog Cafe' located in Bhopal is a paradise for dog lovers. If you are looking for a retreat that revives your energy and lifts up your mood then this dog cafe is a must-visit. 

From The Owner

Mr. Sanjeev Varlani who is the proud owner of the cafe shares his experiences and information about the cafe in an interview with Agnito Today. In this article find out how, when, and why 'Pawppiness-The Dog Cafe' started. 

How Did The Idea Pop?

Mr. Varlani gives the credit for the idea to their children as they thought of introducing Bhopal with a pet cafe.

"This idea was given to me by my son and daughter. My son who is currently studying in Mumbai saw the concept of a dog cafe. Pawppiness is the first dog cafe in Central India and in India, only five cities have dog cafes. People come here and play with dogs love them. People who cannot afford, can come here to love them. Since we have many breeds over here, so people who have dogs can also come to cherish and enjoy different breeds of dogs."

How Many Breeds Are There?

"We have four breeds of dogs here all are friendly."

They have a Husky named Sasha and she is very adorable and loving. She would jump in excitement when she sees you. 

A beagle named Bubu is shy but very naughty when it comes to grabbing treats.

The pugs Archie and Cola are so loving and won't leave your side till you are there. 

The silent spectators of the cafe are Shih Tzu, Pepper, and Whiskey.

All of them are so loving even towards each other and would feel comfortable laying on each other.

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Are you a dog lover?

One cannot keep pets so responsibly and love them as their own children until they have love and empathy towards dogs. Mr. Varlani is a pet lover and has 3 other pets at home.

"Apart from the dogs, you see at the cafe I have three more dogs at home. A German Shephard, a golden retriever, and a labrador. My whole family loves dogs and they all treat them as their children. We all live together like a happy family."

What Is The Routine Of The Dogs After The Cafe?

The timings of the cafe are from 12:30-8:30. The dogs have a routine after the cafe. After all, it's their time to Chillax.

"After the cafe, all the dogs go to home with me in my car. Just like they have the freedom to move here and there in the cafe, we do not keep them in any sort of cages when they are at home. They eat, they have fun with us after the cafe." 


Taking responsibility for pets is not easy. Just like children they need love, care, and pampering. Let's see what are the challenges involved.

"Dogs are just like our own kids. They need pampering and care just like a kid wants. My whole family takes great care of them. We take them for timely grooming sessions, and look after their health just like our babies."

Do People Troll You?

If you are doing something out of the league people will try to pull you down. Mr. Varlani's perspective on trollers is:

"Many people troll us but I just want to say that all the dogs that we care for are very friendly and loving. Just like I love my dogs I want everyone to give them love. I want everyone to love them as a family."

What do visitors say?

Pawppiness is a heaven for dog lovers. They can have the most amazing time of their lives here among the furry dogs. Let's know how visitors feel.

"People are very happy and say that this is a very nice concept that you have brought to Bhopal. We also have one pug named Archie which is adopted. A lady came and gave him to us, saying that you take great care of your pets and I am unable to do so.

Archie is one of the happiest and most loving dogs at Pawppiness. He just comes, sits, and wags his tail giving the visitors love and joy. He was two months old when she gave him to us and now he is 1.5 years old and happy."

Awwdorable Cola only gives and asks for love.

Does Dog Cafe Hamper With Dog's Routine or Harm Them In Any Ways?

If you also had this question on your mind here is the answer.

"We do not compromise with the dog's routine. We also have a rules and regulations board for the visitors. It is advised not to sit on the dogs or wake them up while they are sleeping."

What Are Their Food Habits?

Dogs have special food and food habits. One cannot feed them whatever they want. Let's know from Mr. Sanjeev Varlani what they eat to be so cute.

"They only eat dog food, we give them Pedigree Puppy, mutton, chicken (Once a week). We do not give them home-cooked food. The dog food helps them fulfill the vitamin and calcium deficiency keeping them fit and active."

Can We Also Have Food In The Cafe?

"Yes, the cafe has a wide menu that offers your favorite dishes. Enjoy lip-smacking burgers, sandwiches, tea, coffee tandoori items, and many more finger-licking dishes."

Be around and kindle your love for dogs while enjoying great food. Sound a perfect weekend plan. Isn't it?

Have You Given Any Training To These Dogs?

Anything can be taught with proper training. Were the Pawppiness dogs trained?

"They have been given washroom training and have also been trained to be friendly towards everyone."

Did These Dogs Bit Anyone?

Many people want to pat the dogs but are afraid of them if they will bite them. Let's see if Mr. Varlani has any bitter story to tell?

"No, they are all very affectionate with people. They only love people and have never bitten anyone."

Happy Customer Happy customer playing with Archie and Cola.

Are The Dogs In The Cafe Vaccinated?

You must be thinking whether the dogs have been vaccinated properly? Here is the answer.

"Yes, they are all vaccinated. When they came to us they all were 30-35 days old. In the first year they got three vaccines, then one vaccine every year."

Are You Planning To Expand The Cafe?

Let's know what are their future plans.

"Yes, we are planning to expand the cafe and are looking for a bigger place for the cafe. At a bigger place, we can keep more dogs and a variety of breeds."

View of the cafe

Any Tip For The Visitors?

"Come here to enjoy your time with dogs. Just follow the rules and regulations mentioned. Do not unnecessarily irritate or wake up the dogs."

Playing rules of Pawppiness to be followed by visitors.

Why Do We Need A Pet Cafe?

We all have indulged ourselves in busy and rough schedules. This busy life brings stress, depression, and anxiety. Pets have the ability to heal and take away all the stress and give us immense happiness and a good mood. People who wished to have a pet at home, but due to some reason it remained unfulfilled you can come here and be happy to be around these dogs.

Pawppiness is a hygienic place full of pawwsitive vibes. If you had been thinking to visit here is the location. 

G-10 Maruti Nandan Complex, Bawadiya Kalan, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462039

Be there to experience lots of love and fun.


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