Elegant Macramé Designs And Ideas For Home Décor

Elegant Macramé Designs And Ideas For Home Décor

 You may have come across hanging home decors that make the home look elegantly decorated. Macrame hanging decors are the current trending decor idea that many people are using to make their interior look artisty.

Macrame is a 13th century art form that is made from knotting and hitching. The bohemian art form took a hike and people are loving how alluring macrame designs look. The designs can be used as a home decor in various ways.

Let's see how well you can use macrame designs are craete a dreamy interior.

1. Wall Hanging

If you don't want to put the regular photo frames and are looking for a trending decor option then this design can make your living room stand out.

2. Candle Shades

Th candle shades make the room look peaceful and perfectly lit.

3. Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are a thing that many people are trying these days. Macrame holders are a great option to hold your tiny indoor plants.

4. Newspaper/ Magazine Holder

Newspaper lying here and there make the room look messy. Keep them organized by putting them in a macrame newspaper holder.

5. Table Runners

If you want to keep the dining table raw and don't want to cover it fully with a cloth then this runner would give an intersting rustic look to the dining table.

6. Hanging Hammock

Hammock is an ideal place to chill and relax. This hanging hammock is what you need to soak into the sun while reading your favourite book.

7. Lampshade

These lampshades add a pretty look to your room.

8. Coasters

Protect your furniture from stains, keep macrame costers. They are useful and sustainable decor element.

9. Hanging Shelf

If you want to keep some small pots, showpieces in your room and don't want to engage more space, this hanging shelf is a great decor option.

10. Mirror Frame

Why keep plain mirrors when you can decorate them too?

11. Rugs

We all have rugs at home and don't  they bring extra points to how our room looks? Deck up your room with delicate macrame rugs.

With all the buzz around about macrame, you must be really eager to decorate your home with these ideas.

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