Enjoy Nightlife In Switzerland At These Bars And Pubs

Enjoy Nightlife In Switzerland At These Bars And Pubs

Switzerland-a dream destination for everyone. From romantic spots to relaxing workations, the country has everything for you.

Though Switzerland is famous for its scenic beauty, tranquil mountains, mesmerizing lakes, and glaciers, it also gives you the best experience of nightlife.

Not many people know that the nightlife of the country is as enthralling as the scenic beauty of Switzerland. From White wine to black beer, the country has a lot to offer you.

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Here Are Some Of The Pubs And Bars In Switzerland That Will Give You the Best Nightlife Experience.

Best Pubs And Bars In Switzerland

Cranberry Bar, Zurich

It is the most popular bar in Zurich, Switzerland. Established in 1977, Cranberry Bar is known worldwide for best drinks, especially cocktails, and friendly hospitality. The bar is a go-to place for events, parties, and even meetings.

USP: The upper floor consists of a Campari Room that is open only on the weekend for special theme-based parties. For special events, the private room can be booked on weekdays too.

Location: Metzgergasse 3, Zurich, Switzerland

How To Reach: Take Tram No. 4 from Main Station of Zurich or No. 15 from Central station to Rathaus Station.

Vernissage Lounge Bar, Zermatt

With a variety of world-class spirits, high-quality wines, creative cocktails, and refreshing beer, this place offers you a lot.

The international DJs and mouth-watering snacks are some of the well-known specialties of this place.

USP: If you are looking for a cosmopolitan club where your night turns into a day, then Vernissage is a must-visit for you.

Location: Hofmattstrasse 4, Zermatt, Switzerland

How To Reach: You can reach the place by train or even rent a car.

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Mr. Pickwick Pub, Luzern

It is surely one of the best Pubs in Switzerland. Home Away From Home- that is what the owners of this Pub call this place. Excellent beers, British lifestyle, live sports, finest pub food, and authentic pub atmosphere make the place one of a kind.

USP: The restaurant’s exclusive guest beer, which is imported from the UK is the special and most popular drink.

Location: Rathausquai 6, Luzern, Switzerland

How To Reach: The Pub is near the main train station and hence a 5-minute walk can help you in reaching Mr. Pickwick. Also, you can use the garage at the station.

Lady Godiva Pub, Geneva

It is one of the best one-stop nightspots. The bar is a perfect combination of authentic English architecture and contemporary pubs. DJ nights, Sports Pub, Dine-In Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Live Music, Disco nights are some of the offerings of the pub.

USP: What makes the Lady Godiva Pub different from other places is the variety of draught beer available here. It offers the largest choice of draught beer in Switzerland with a warm and cozy ambiance.

Location: Plainpalais, Geneva, Switzerland

How To Reach: Take a Tram to Uni-Mail and you will find yourself right in front of the pub.

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Cooper’s Pub, Zurich

The pub is famous for exciting events, an ambiance decorated in wood, and several unique drinks. Good music and tasty food are some of the add ons in the pack.

USP: It is one of the coziest pubs in Switzerland. It serves the most delicious beer in Switzerland in Irish traditions.

Location: Oerlikon, Zurich, Switzerland

How To Reach: You can drive to the Pub or even take a train.

So next time if you get a chance to visit Switzerland, then enjoy the nightlife at these bars.

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