10 Heartfelt Lines By Gulzar on Pain, Love and Life

Sampooran Singh Kalra, popularly known as Gulzar needs no introduction. A poet, novelist, songwriter, film scriptwriter, playwright, producer, dialogue writer, director and intellectual, he has many feathers in his cap. Due to his unique expressions about love and life, he has helped in bringing new aspects and emotions into the journey of life. Gulzar has been awarded various awards and accolades for his unparallel contribution in the field of literature and Indian Cinema. 

For us, common people, Shayari of Gulzar Sahab is nothing but words of healing. Gulzar’s poetry on love captures the fancy and hearts of people from all age groups. Let us have a look at some of Gulzar Sahab's poetry which has everything from nostalgia, pain and heartbreak. 


Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but what about the lingering thoughts when we are left alone? Gulzar pens it in simple yet heart-touching words. Even after the loved ones leave us, their memories keeping recurring in our heads forever. 


Time is heartless. So are human beings. Gulzar compares the fleeting nature of time to that of a human being, and it broke my heart. Relationships break so easily and your loved ones move to someone else. 


Do you remember the exotic aroma of an old letter? I do. And many times you can actually relive the memories of your beloved just by reading their handwritten letters. 


There are times in life when you feel very lonely. It is almost like no one knows you or understands you. But if you want to see the silver lining here, the person in the mirror knows your worth. So be the person who you want to be, not what people expect out of you. 


Often, while loving someone else, we kind of lose ourselves. Romantic love takes away everything you have and leaves you empty-handed. In these lines, Gulzar says he waited/ looked for himself in the path of the beloved. 


The kindness and heartlessness of time are known to everyone. ‘Waqt meherban bhi hota hai aur zalim bhi’. Here is a Gulzar Sahab poetry about how situations transform in your favor just with changing times. Patience is the key. 


Very often in love, we treat the beloved as the divine creature. Thinking that they will shower us with the same affection the God Almighty does. But unlike God, our loved ones are mortals and they change their minds and stop loving. 

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We often associate love with sadness and heartbreak. Here, Gulzar describes the pain and heartbreaks as an ornament to the heart. As if a heart is nothing without this sadness in fact the sadness makes the heart look beautiful.  


When a person overcomes the heartbreak, it seems like everything is okay now. But when you see your beloved, who is not your anymore, that feeling is lethal. Gulzar Sahab's quotes are filled with such sublime thoughts


How we get scared at night when we feel like something has crossed us but we can’t see it. Gulzar compares this feeling to the thought of being separated from the loved one. How beautiful is that? 


These famous Gulzar poems are a treat to broken hearts. These are the best poetry of Gulzar. Let us know what would you like to read next.