Batman Day: Twitter Celebration of Everyone’s favourite DC hero Batman

Batman Day is celebrated globally in September. If you were told to picture the most timeless superhero, we’re sure you will think of Batman and Batman only. Absolutely, we’re aware of this classic caped crusader, with his forever partner Robin and his popular ride the one and only Bat mobile.

Because of his popularity, every third Saturday of September annually, which is September 18 this year, the world celebrates superhero Batman and the evergreen story of his life through the one and only DC Comics.

Pop culture icon Batman’s legacy is honored and celebrated on this day by the Citizens of Gotham and the world. Due to Batman’s popularity in TV, films as well as comic, this day is celebrated all over the world by its fans.

It’s been 80 years that Batman has gained so much popularity as a character. A character who reflects justice against the wrong and for the world. Let’s us celebrate our inner super hero this Batman’s Day

Let's take a look how DC fans are celebrating #BatmanDay on twitter: