Diets Of Two Power Houses Of Bollywood That You Can Follow!

Without a surprise, Indian stars are literally worshipped by their fans. People trust them in everything they say. Many people try to look like them. Everyone wants to stay fit like their celebrities, but there is a thing we know that they work so hard to maintain their fitness. Also, people try to find out their diet to follow it to maintain their health. 

So, here we are serving you the list of the diet of two famous actors who are also called powerhouses of Bollywood so that you will get inspired and follow it. 

So check out the list of the diet of powerhouses of Bollywood:

1. Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar is one of the fittest actors in the whole film industry. He is called a powerhouse because of his energy. Even at the age of 53, he is more energetic than today's youth. His day starts at 4 am with yoga and other exercises, including a morning walk. He is an idol for everyone, as he is the most disciplined person. He believes in having a balanced diet, so let's have a look at his diet. 

Here is a compiling list of the things he eats: 

  • We all have to take a heavy breakfast in the morning. The "Laxmi" star prefers to take paranthas and milk in the morning. 

  • His mid-day snacks include fruits, dry fruits, veggies, etc., things that are healthy and nourishing. 

  • He prefers to have roti, dal, a cup of vegetables, Dahi, and some boiled or steamed chicken in his lunch. 

  • He finishes his dinner before 8 pm with soup and veggies. He likes to keep his dinner lighter and simpler. 

2. Ranveer Singh:

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Ranveer Singh is known for his extra energy, dashing look; he is one of the industry's energetic actors. Many of the youth wonder what he eats. Ranveer follows a religious diet and fitness program. 

Let's have a look at his diet plan: 

  • Egg whites, bread, and banana are the things that Ranveer likes to have in Breakfast. 
  • He took his meal every three hours, and all of them are rich in proteins. Dry fruits and a protein shake are his meals snacks. 
  • His dinner and lunch include chicken/fish, veggies, turkey/tuna, etc. These include low-calorie and high-protein diets. 
  • He tries to get a low oil and low carbs diet, and also, he believes in protein shakes.

So, these are the diet of two powerhouses of Bollywood that you can follow.