Who Is Anupam Tripathi Aka Ali, The Indian Actor In Netflix's Squid Game?

The Indian-origin actor Anupam Tripathi, has become an overnight sensation worldwide. All thanks to Netflix Original Squid Game, a survival drama. Tripathi plays the role of Ali in the show, he says he wasn’t ready for this reaction and was taken aback by the immense popularity that the show got in just 2 weeks.

What is the Show About?

The show is a Hwang Dong-hyuk creation, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. The dystopian show is about common people in debt and luring them into a competition for big price money, except the price you have to pay for not being able to survive is death. The show talks about the effects of capitalism in society and how exploitation works.

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“My Life Changed at 5 p.m.”

Tripathi who grew up in New Delhi spoke to Variety and said, “We knew the show will be liked and appreciated but the immense sensational popularity that it got, we - I was not prepared for it.” Anupam further adds that his life changed exponentially after the premiere, he said “I can still remember, my life was OK at 4 p.m., it changed at 5 p.m., it became huge, gigantic. Everyone was texting me “Ali” “Ali”.”

Ali- the role Anupam plays, is the story of a poor immigrant who hails from Pakistan who enters the competition for his family and to provide for them because the previous employers refused his payments for the services he provided.

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Preparation for the show

The actor also has to prepare for the role he revealed. When he was cast for the show he did not have the correct body shape and weight for the role of Ali and thus he had to gain weight because Ali is known for his strength in the show. “I had to gain 5-6 Kgs and I could feel like now I have some power,” he added. 

Anupam’s Ultimate Dream

Anupam’s dream is to perform in India, he calls it his ‘Ultimate Dream’, “I have performed theatre in India, but I would love to explore and see my potential in my language. I would like to put myself out there. To perform in front of my people, home and audience - that is my ultimate dream.”