Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Netflix Original - ‘Squid Game’

On 17th September 2021 a Korean Drama, Netflix Original show Squid Game was aired. And the show has gotten immense popularity across the globe in just 3 weeks, bagging the position of the highest streamed show on the platform. But the show didn’t have a smooth sailing journey all along. Here are some facts about the show that will give you more insight and facts about the making.

Let’s dig in!

The Name Wasn’t Originally Called Squid Game

Netflix announced its plans for the series in September 2019, and it was decidedly to be called “Round Six”. 

This is the show’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk’s first collaboration with an international entertainment company like Netflix.

Hwang Wrote The Show In 2008

Hwang started working on the show script in 2008 and the first draft of it was completed in 2009. The first 2 episodes alone took 6 months to be written by the creator Hwang, who is also the writer and director of the show.

In an interview with radio times, he told that back in the day, the show makers found the script to be “violent and unfamiliar”. And he also worried that the show was an abstract idea so it will not get commercialized and get a wider audience.

Hwang struggled to fund the show for 12 years until Netflix picked it up. 

“Squid Game” Was Supposed to be a Feature Film

The creator told Variety, that the show was originally made to be a feature film.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as Hwang is a celebrated Korean filmmaker. He has written and directed major hits like"Silenced" and "The Fortress." He also worked on “Miss Granny” as a screenwriter and director, which is considered to be a widely successful Korean film of all time. 

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The Doodles On The Walls Are A Message In The Show

The doodles and artwork on the walls are foreshadowing the games, that people participate in. 

The dorms that participants stay in have walls that were initially covered by beds, have artwork serving as the clue for the future games that will be played.

The first game's doll is a real creation you can visit.

The doll which guards a museum in the first game of the show is real and can be found in a rural area called Jincheon County, 3 hours away from North Seoul.

The doll was borrowed for the filming of the show and returned later. 

The  Phone Number Shown has a Real Owner

After the show, the owner of the phone number shown in the first episode, ended up receiving around 1000 calls a day.

The game is about contestants getting involved by calling the eight-digit number on secret business cards. After this, the phone number is said to be edited to avoid this from happening anymore. 

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One of the challenges in the show is now a TikTok trend

"Squid Game" has a game with dalgona candy, a type of honeycomb toffee. Which has inspired TikTokers to create a remixed version of it. 

"The production crew and I has an inside joke about our series starting a dalgona craze, but I'm quite surprised to see it actually happen," said Hwang.

There Are No Plans for a Second Season Yet

The creator wants to work on other projects first.

Hwang said he would like to make more movies and work on them before thinking about the second season of the show 

“ The thought of writing the second season of Squid Game alone is tiring to me,” Hwang told Variety. “If I ever do it, I will write it with few writers and experienced directors.”

The Netflix show is still on the top 10 list. Don’t miss the buzz! Watch it right now!