Cheapest Places to Visit in India | Low Budget Tourist Attractions In India

Cheapest Places to Visit in India | Low Budget Tourist Attractions In India

Do you want to explore breathtakingly beautiful places of India without making a hole in your pocket? To be honest, a dent in your wallet can discourage anyone when it comes to wandering to their favorite destination. But the great thing about traveling around different destinations in India is that you can travel at low expenses as well.  There are dozens of tips that allows you to move at less cost. These top 5 tips are perfect for low budget travelers. Are you ready? Let’s dive into it.

Research, Research and Research

Have you heard “everything has a cost?” Well, it’s true and same goes for a planned budget. But the cost is not money; it’s your effort and time.

Researching in depth about the place you want to visit allows you to equip with right information. For example, you can research about “Best budget hotels” or “Cheap foods” or “Cheap local transportation” to meet your needs.

At first it you will feel uncomfortable, however you will find the perfect location to explore at cheap price.

Group Travelling

When you travel in groups, you split the expenses imposed on accommodation, food, and rides. It’s an easy fix for the unavailability of insufficient funds. This way you will be able to fulfill your dream of visiting your favorite location even when you are going low on funds.

Travel Off-Season

What’s the worst time to travel? It’s during the festive times such as New Year and Christmas. Since the demand skyrockets during the festive season, its unworthy to plan a trip in peak seasons and festivals.

To travel cheap, you need to plan a trip on extended weekends for rejuvenating escape. Always make advance bookings before the peak season (5-7 months earlier) to enjoy and explore the destination.

Use Public Transport

Most travelers remain tight on budget, so they like to take the public transport. For example, a local bus cost few pennies compared to a reserved cab that costs huge. It’s one of the cheapest ways to move locally. Additionally, public transports are best when traveling to metro cities.

Travel Off-Beat Places

Off-beat places such as small towns are untouched by commercialization. Thus, it offers cheap food and accommodation. If you want to feel a sense of quietness and calmness, offbeat places must be your choice. So, try to figure out places that offers most picturesque attraction along with home stays.

If you follow all these tips, you can travel cheaply in India without compromising on traveling to your dream locations.

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