Explore The “Chai Trails” Of City of Lakes

Explore The “Chai Trails” Of City of Lakes

Having headache? Chai pi lo!...

Feeling gloomy and sad? Chal Chai peete hain!....

Tired of working?? EK chai sutta ho jaaye!!

Well whatever the problem is we Indians have a permanent solution… “CHAI”.. Be it the ‘adrak wali chai’ for those cozy winter mornings or ‘Eliachi wali chai’ for refreshing summer evenings. The chai is something that we usually don’t imagine our lives without. Irrespective of a it that chai from ghar ka kitchen or a tea stall or a good exotic chai point..for the tea lovers the motive is “Baith Jata Hu Wahan..Chai Ban Rahi ho Jahan!!”

And that is why the nation alone consumes around 8, 37,000 tones of tea every year. To be honest, Indians are really addicted to tea and you can see rituals of drinking tea transcended along roadsides in all cities. Tea lovers strongly believe it maintains the rhythm of their life.

With regard to this, Bhopal has a lot offer to these tea addicts..From the special Sulemani i.e the famous ‘namak wali chai’ to the tea in various flavours like ice cream; one can get it all at the various tea joints in the city.

If you are a chai lover, these are the 5 must visit places to feed your soul with ‘EK Pyali Chai’…

1. Chai Sutta Bar

In Bhopal, Chai Sutta bar serves a high-quality taste of chai which brings chai lovers back to it again and again.  Also, the place is quite popular among the tourists and locals for its amazing snacks like sandwiches, pizza, burger, Maggi, etc.

2. Kulhadwaala

Kulhadwaala beats all chai shops by bringing the trend of drinking chai in clay cup, also known as Kulhad. It serves variety of tea flavors like strawberry, saunf, black pepper, etc.  You won’t find these flavors anywhere else in Bhopal. So, it’s a must place to visit. It also offers sandwiches in number of varieties to enjoy along with tea or chai.

3. Chai Chautees

Chai Chautees or Chai 34 serves interesting tea flavors like dalchini, laung, badi elaichi, and tulsi adrak. Along with Chai, you can order cheese bites and crispy fries to enjoy.

The delectable flavors of savories, shakes, coffees, and tea will made you keep coming back.

4. Raju Tea Stall

Raju tea stall is one of the iconic tea shops in Bhopal which was started in the 90s. Some of the most popular guests like Bimal Jalan (RBI governor), MF Hussain has visited the stall. Bimal Jalan was so impressed with the tea flavor, that he handed Rs. 100 to the owner with his autograph on it.  

Undoubtedly, it’s the oldest chai stall that has served the Bhopalis with many mouth-watering flavors. Thick milk chai became a signature taste among chai lovers in no time.

Other than this, it also serves hot snacks like mangode, mawa jalebi, and samosa.

5. Indian Tea House

Indian Tea House or ITH is situated at the back palatial building of Gauhar Mahal. Since it is located in front of lake, it has got huge popularity in short span. It has two sides. On one side, it offers a beautiful and breath-taking scenic view. On the other side, it offers view of old city like Shaukat mahal and Iqbal Maidan.

Nature and tea lovers will love this place. They just have to visit the locate and grab Moroccan or Zafrani chai along with snacks like Maggi gazing at the upper lake and VIP site.

If you want to have the most amazing "CHAI" experience, try visiting any of these places in the morning or evening.

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