Top 7 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Internet Service Provider

Top 7 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Internet Service Provider

Are you looking for the right business or home internet service provider (ISP)? If yes, then don’t hurry up and get along with any internet service provider. Its true internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day life but not all ISP come with one-size-fits-all options. This is what makes the process of picking the authentic service provider a little bit challenging and sometimes frustrating.

But no worries, here are the top 10 factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider. It ensures you avail all the benefits as per your unique internet needs and internet plan.

Types of Internet Service Providers

There are various types of internet services provided by ISP for business, home, etc. Here are the popular ones-

1. Cable Internet

Cables are one of the widely available and used Internet services. ISP installs a coaxial cable line to offer a broadband internet connection. It is the same as that of a TV cable used for delivering high-speed internet.

2. Digital Subscriber Line Internet (DSL)

Another readily available internet connection is Digital Subscriber Line. It’s a modern technology that makes use of telephone lines to transmit high-bandwidth data. It provides point-to-point, dedicated access for video and multimedia surfing.

3. Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet is a reliable internet service used in underserved and rural areas. It can be accessed using a tower antenna with a fiber-optic backbone. The tower broadcast radio waves via an antenna to the location.

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4. Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber-optic internet, popularly known as “fiber internet” is a broadband internet connection that offers ultra-speed (940Mbps) with less lag time. They are used by businesses that work on modern technologies.

5. Satellite Internet

The internet through communication satellites gives birth to the “Satellite Internet” The satellite would move around earth in a low orbit so that the internet can be accessed from space.

All the above different types of internet services vary by reliability, cost, performance, and availability. That’s why it is vital to assess and evaluate your unique needs to select relevant ISP for your business or home.

Top 7 Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing an ISP

1. Reputation

The easiest way to vet an internet service provider is through the reputation examination. This can consist of scrolling through the online reviews posted on Google or have a friendly talk with a neighbor.

Reputation gives an understanding about the Internet Service Provider. Depending on your area of resident (rural or urban), you can opt for reliable internet services.

TIP: The simplest way to figure out the nearest service provider is by using the zip code search tool. It will help you find low-cost and high-quality services at your fingertips.

2. Service Level Agreements or SLA

SLA is a contractual agreement or commitment between you and an internet service provider. Look for an ISP SLA that provides guaranteed services on different metrics like jitter, latency, uptime, response/repair time, and packet loss. The ideal bet looks like this-

  • Jitter- 10ms
  • Round Trip Latency- 40ms
  • Uptime- 99.999%
  • Response priority- 4 hrs or less
  • Packet loss- <0.1%
  • Good network quality of service

TIP: Carefully research ISP SLA and ensure its error-free, guaranteed connectivity, and high-speed.

3. Customer Support

Customer support plays an important role when choosing an internet provider. It enables you to engage with your internet service provider when you have billing questions, need technical support, overcome service issues, and require upgrade inquiries.

However, beware some giant ISPs either put your calls on lengthy holds or transfer you to a third party outside your location.

TIP: Look for an ISP that offers 24x7 in-house customer support service and resolves your problem straightaway without wasting your hours, even weeks.

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4. Bandwidth Availability

A basic understanding of bandwidth ensures you receive high-speed internet service. The best bandwidth spectrum comes with a downloading speed of 940 Mbps and an uploading speed of 35 Mbps.

The spectrum range may fluctuate based on your area and type of Internet service. So, make sure you decide beforehand whether you get a shared circuit or a dedicated circuit for consistent speed.

TIP: Have a chat with your ISP’s in-house team and ask questions about the downloading and uploading speed.

5. Agility & Flexibility

Your internet needs may change over time, so ensure you pick an internet service provider that gives you room for upgradation. While streamlining a telecom service, look for an ISP that offers services like SD-WAN and VoIP. That’s how you adapt to your changing business needs.

TIP: Try to explore the entire range of produce suite & service offerings before selecting your ISP to avoid burden later.

6. Security

A secure connection is all you need in the first place while choosing an internet provider. Investing in security helps in protecting your private data from hackers. The best way to have complete peace of mind is by encrypting your wireless connection.

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7. Compare Plans, Speeds, Pricing

You will want an internet plan that offers adequate speed, unlimited data, and fair pricing. Try to compare different internet service providers based on-

  1. Plans & pricing
  2. Installation & equipment costs
  3. Data caps & coverage fees
  4. Speeds
  5. Customer satisfaction ratings

TIP: Choose the most generous ISP as some providers impose data caps on how much data you can utilize per month.

These are the top 7 factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider in your area or location for a good sum of money.

Enjoy fast-speed internet :) 

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