10 Famous Forts in India Not Just Meant for History Buffs

10 Famous Forts in India Not Just Meant for History Buffs
List of Famous Forts in India

Each and every corner of famous forts in India sings the glory of rulers from the past.

They are more than the struggle of ruined walls to preserve the fading history in the blanket of time.

Wait is, just to turn the pages of history and go back in time to understand what they’ve been through.

Though it’s difficult because India has over 1000 forts, one can still quench his thirst by visiting the most famed forts of the country.

These forts also offer a taste of adventure and thrill even for non-history lovers.

List of Famous Forts in India to Add to Your Travel Bucket

1. Datia Fort, MP- The Unbelievable One!

famous fort in India

Datia, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, got its popularity from the Bir Singh Dev Palace.

A marvelous combination of Mughal and Rajput architectural style make this fort mesmerizing.

It has 7 floors, and 440 rooms each enriched with the beauty of timeless paintings. According to legend, the fort was built to mark the visit of Jehangir.

But neither Jehangir visit the fort nor did Raja Bir Singh Deo and his family live there. Despite this, the Datia fort gained the limelight for its unique construction.

The fort is not built with iron or wood, the entire construction is standing on stone and bricks.

How to get there- Drive on the Jhansi-Gwalior route to reach this fort.

[Fact- Datia fort is the biggest fort among all the 52 monuments built by Maharaja Bir Singh Deo. ]

2. Golconda Fort, Hyderabad - A True Treasure

golconda fort

Golconda (Shepherds’ hill) was once a famous place not only in India but the entire world.

The place was once a diamond trade center because of the diamond-rich Kollur mine.

Kollur had produced several prominent gems like Koh-i-Noor, Daria-i-Noor, Hope Diamond, and more.

The ruling dynasty was Kakatiya then who built the Golconda Fort in the western region to protect the area.

According to legend, the fort saw its final ruin during the reign of Aurangzeb who destroyed it in 1687.

[Fact- If you shout from Golconda Fort, the other person at one kilometer of distance can still hear your voice.]

How to get there-  Pedamma Temple Metro Station is the closest one from where you can get to Golconda via taxi or rickshaw.

3. Kangra Fort, Himachal- The Oldest One

famous forts in india

Only 20 km away from the winter capital (Dharamsala) of Himachal Pradesh is the oldest fort in India.

Kangra fort is also the 8th largest in the country. The fort’s construction began after the Mahabharata war.

It was built by a king of the katoch dynasty who never let enemies laid hand on the fort. Even Akbar could not win the fort.

However, later Jehangir captured the Kangra Fort but Raja Sansar Chand-II recovered it.

The fort finally ended in hands of Britishers after the 1846 Sikh War.

How to get there- You can directly land at Kangra from Dharmshala via bus.

4. Gwalior Fort, MP- The Glittering Gem

gwalior fort

Madhya Pradesh is decorated with this sparkling architectural gem since the 10th century.

Several dynasties painted the fort (Qila Gate) with their glorious history.

Mughal Emperor Babur named it ‘The pearl amongst fortresses of India’. Indeed it is as there are several astonishing monuments, palaces, and temples inside the fort.

Gwalior fort is also famous for having the inscription of ‘zero’ which is the second oldest record in the world.

According to legend, a local king Suraj Sen had built this fort to honor a sage who cured his leprosy with magical water.

Also mentioned, the magical pond is still inside the fort.

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Major Monuments Inside the Gwalior Fort:

1. Hathi Pol

2. Karn Mahal

3. Teli Ka Mandir

4. Saas-Bahu temple

5. Man Mandir Palace

6. Vikram Mahal

7. Chhatri of Bhim Singh Rana

How to reach- The fort is at a distance of 20 minutes from Peddamma Temple metro station and Jubilee Hills Check Post metro station. Both are on the blue line metro.

5. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur- The Haunted One

most famous fort in India

Rajasthan has one of the most famous forts in India- Mehrangarh fort- which is spread across 1,200 acres of land.

Rao Jodha built this fort in 1459 on the hill of Bhakurcheeria (Mountain of Birds). It is believed that Mehrangarh is haunted

Tourist attractions inside the Fort:

1. National Geological Monument

2. Dessert Rock Park

3. The Chamunda Mataji Temple

4. Mehrangarh Museum

The museum has wide collections of paintings and artifacts from the Mughal Period in the Daulat Khana Gallery.

There is an armory too where tourists can see the jeweled swords of emperors, cannons, and other weapons.

Other than these historical valuables, the fort is the most visited tourist destination in Rajasthan because of its culture and craft bazaars.

Did You Know?

Mehrangarh Fort is also a preferred destination for filmmakers.

Many Bollywood and Hollywood movies like Jungle Book 1994, The Dark Knight Rises 2012, Awarapan, and Thugs of Hindostan are shot here.

How to get there-  Fort is only half an hour of distance from the Civil Airport Jodhpur and within 15 minutes from Rai Ka Bag bus station.

6. Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur- A Famous One

jaigarh fort

This Indo-Persian-style fort was actually a cannon foundry where the world’s largest cannon- Jaivan Cannon was built and kept.

It was built on the Hill of Eagles in the Aravalli range and its architecture was inspired by the Amer Fort.

Another specialty of this fort is the windows that let you see everything through it but obstruct the inside view for outsiders.

Beside Jaigarh Fort, there is one more famous fort to see here.

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Nearby Tourist Attractions

1. Amber Fort

2. The Shila Devi Temple

3. Panna Meena Ka Kund

4. Anokhi Museum

The sixth episode of The Amazing Race 14(an American reality show) was shot here.

How to reach- Private buses and taxis are easily available from Jaipur city to reach Jaigarh Fort.

Tickets and Timings:

Open from 9 AM to 16:45 PM every day

The entry fee is Rs 150 per person and foreign tourists have to pay Rs 200 per head

7. Lohagad Fort, Maharashtra- The Magnificent One

lohagad fort

One of the most famous forts in India and an important citadel of Maharashtra’s rich history, Lohagad is spell-binding for tourists.

The fort is sitting 3389 ft above the sea amidst the green forests. This view is very captive from the top.

It has a long history and was under the rule of several kings from different dynasties.

However, Shivaji Maharaj occupied the fort in the end and kept his entire treasury there. 

The state has 360 forts built during his reign. Among them, only 5 forts saw the historic events of his life.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

After exploring Lohangad you can take a trip to these nearby must-see places:

1. Aambey Valley City

2. Jain Cave

3. Karla Caves

4. Bhaja Caves

5. Lonavala

6. Visapur Fort 

How to get there- Due to its exciting location, tourists can choose to trek from Bhaje Caves to Lohagad fort.

It would take less than 3 hours. But if you are a lazy one, drive via Lonavla-Pawna road to reach the fort.

Still, you have to walk for 30 minutes from the base as the fort has around 300 steps to reach the top.

8. Kumbhalgarh Fort, Udaipur- A World Heritage

kumbhalgarh fort

If your travel budget allows visiting only one famous fort of India, pick Kumbalgarh Fort then.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the largest fort complexes in the world.

The walls around the fort are 36 km long which got the name- The Great Wall of India.

What to See Inside the Kumbhalgarh Fort?

1.  Ganesha Temple

2. Charbhuja Temple

3. Mataji Temple

4. Neel Kanth Mahadev Temple

5. Pital Shah Jain Temple

6. Parsva Natha Temple

7. Trikuta Temple

8. Ram Gate

How to reach - Take a bus or taxi from Udaipur city.

[Amazing Fact-  Kumbhalgarh fort is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. ]

9. Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur- An Incredible One

Nahargarh Fort

Named after Nahar Singh Bhomia, the fort is possessed by his ghost. Despite this belief, tourists across the world take interest in this fort.

The beautiful carvings on the walls, Zenana (royal ladies' quarters), and green surroundings covering the fort is the reason.

From the fort’s top, the entire Jaipur is visible.

Tourist Attractions Here

1. Jantar Mantar

2. Jaigarh Fort

3. Amer Fort

4. Kanak Vrindavan

5. Nahargarh Biological Park

6. Hawa Mahal

7. City Palace

8. Jal Mahal

How to reach- Local bus from Hawa Mahal is the best option to cover the distance of 2 km to Nahargarh Fort.

Trekking is the next option for adventure lovers.

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Tickets - Unlike other famous forts in India that you can visit for free, there is a small entry fee for Nahargarh.

Pay Rs 50 if you are an Indian tourist or Rs 200 for foreign tourists.

Reach early by 10 AM and come back before 17:30 as gates closed after that.

[Amazing Fact- The real name of the fort is Sudershangarh and Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh built it.]

10. Aguada Fort, Goa- A Filmy One

aguada fort

Though this 17th-century fort of Goa is not the most famous fort in India, tourists must come here just once.

The calm water waves on Sinquerim beach will soothe you and give you the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ feeling.

One of the film’s scenes was shot here. Historically, the fort was important and served as a shield to Dutch.

It also has one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. There is also a Taj Fort Aguada Resort and a Central Jail which tourists can explore.

How to reach- The fort is well connected with roadways making driving to the fort easier. It will take only 40 minutes to reach here.

Our list of most famous forts in India might have ended here but you should start your journey now.

Explore these historic forts of our country and know their story.

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