Feeling Mentally Exhausted? Ways to Prevent Burnout

Feeling Mentally Exhausted? Ways to Prevent Burnout
Ways to prevent burnout

It is dangerous fact but it's true, that burnout is common among people of this generation. They don’t even know about it that they are in a burnout state and don’t know how to prevent it?

From Tech professionals, entrepreneurs, medical professionals to housewives, most people are suffering from burnout due to excess work pressure.

People with burnout state should take proper steps to prevent burnout, which is affecting their lives. Because your health is in your hand.

What is Burnout?

what is burnout

Burnout term was first introduced by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in the 1970s.

Burnout is extreme mental, physical and emotional exhaustion, due to extra workload in professional and personal life.

It is generally described as a severe stress condition. You feel overwhelmed, fatigued, and lack motivation and if you do not take steps to prevent burnout, you’ll suffer badly in many ways.

Most people, who are more ambitious and wanted to do everything perfectly, suffer from this condition if they failed to achieve any of their tasks.

Signs of Burnout-

Signs of burnout

1) Exhaustion-

Feeling extremely tired emotionally and physically drains every day. Not feeling any kind of enthusiasm for your day and your work leads to complete exhaustion.

2) Irritation-

People who are overachievers try to do so many tasks simultaneously and due to exhaustion you failed to achieve your task, and you get frustrated. You get irritated easily, even with the slight annoyance in your work. This affects your personal and professional relationships.

3) Cynicism-

Always feel negative about your work and your teammates and friends. And you do not feel any motivation to complete your task.

4) Low Immunity-

Emotional and physical tiredness always lead to low immunity and anxiety. Because of low immunity, you tend to catch the flu and virus infection easily, which indirectly affects your work.

5) Insomnia-

People are not able to get enough sleep because of tiredness. Usually, you can sleep when you are physically tired, but if you are mentally tired because of high work pressure, you feel not relaxed and this will lead to sleep deprivation.

Steps to Prevent Burnout-

steps to prevent burn out

1) Take a vacation to recharge yourself- 

The best step to prevent burnout is to move away from your workplace and take a holiday trip to another place, where you can find peace. A vacation trip gives you time for self-reflection and recharges your mind completely, so you can return to work with a fresh mind.

 One important thing is to turn off your cell phone completely, to take full benefit of your trip.

2) Do Work Out –

For every mental and physical problem, a workout is a solution. So for preventing burnout, workout is a way, but how? When you do exercise it provides oxygen to your tissues and cells and your heart works efficiently. With more oxygen in your body, boost your energy level and immunity and maintain your health.

Good physical health allows you to complete your task more efficiently.

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3) Practice Mindfulness-

Mindfulness becomes a best practice nowadays, to live in a moment. Focus on a moment while doing a task, is the best way to prevent burnout.

Take little breaks while doing work to detach from your work and refocus your mind.

4) Meditation –

Meditation is the best practice to heal your mind from any tension and stress. Daily practice of meditation recharges your mind and shut out negative thinking. It secretes hormones like endorphins, dopamine, etc which bring positive changes in your thinking.

It brings peace to your mind and helps you to prevent burnout which in turn improves your work efficiency.

5) Take a Social Support-

During burnout, you are unable to understand, which steps are really helpful for you to get rid of this thing. In that moment of panic condition, you should talk to your loved ones, your friends, your colleague, or therapists.

Most of the time you are unable to find the solution, because your mind is a complete mess. In that condition, other people give you a better solution than you themselves. Taking social support helps you to prevent burnout.

6) Take a time for your hobby-

Snatch some time from your busy schedule and give some time to your hobby, refresh your mind and you’ll get back to work with more energy and enthusiasm.

Bhavin Parikh, CEO of Magoosh, gives some time to play Frisbee for a few hours a week, which gives him immense energy to return to work with full enthusiasm.

7) Remove Extra Workload-

It is a priority to prevent burnout by removing extra workload from your shoulders. Carefully plan your work and learn to say no to the extra task given to you in your office.

Give priority to yourself first and avoid perfectionism, because running for perfectionism leads you toward workload, so better produce good quality of work not perfect quality.

8) Valued by Your Office Team-

Sometimes appreciation given to you for your work by your team, remove a bit of anxiety from your mind. Gaining recognition for your work boosts your performance and prevents burnout condition.

9)Eat Healthily –

Healthy eating always leads to better health, which in turn improves your mental ability to bear stress related to work.

Eating nutritious foods provides you with minerals and vitamins, which boost your immunity, support your muscles and keep your heart healthy.

10) Sleep Regularly-

Yes, you should take 6-8 hrs. proper sleep. It happens mostly with a burnout in people who are unable to take proper sleep due to work stress.

Taking a good amount of sleep reduces your stress level and improves your work efficiency.

Famous People who overcome burnout-

famous people who overcome burnout

Celebrity like Pop singer Rihanna, Ariana Huffington CEO of Huffington Post, Queen Latifa actress and singer, Tina Martini partner at Top UK law firm, Singer ‘Rita Ora’, Barbara Bates CEO of Eastwick, Singer and atress Selena Gomez and there are others who successfully conquered burnout, by taking time for them and applied different methods.


Burnout is become prevalent among many people, due to extra workload and their lifestyle now become centered on technologies leads to mental and physical exhaustion. Taking steps at the initial stage is necessary to prevent burnout. You can gain your confidence back and live your life to the fullest.

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