Foods That Help in Managing Thyroid Levels In Your Body

Foods That Help in Managing Thyroid Levels In Your Body

What things should patients with thyroid include in their diets so that they can naturally control their disease? Answer to this question and other important information about thyroid is giving doctor Upali Nanda of Medeor Hospital

What is Thyroid?

The thyroid is a hormone-borne disease. The thyroid gland controls the metabolism of our body. Our metabolism will work at a slow rate or at a normal speed depending on the condition of the hormone released from our thyroid gland.

This disease is mainly due to iodine deficiency. Along with this, due to a lack of essential nutrients in the body such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and vitamins, the possibility of getting this disease increases. Because of the lack of these essential nutrients, the disease can be triggered. In some cases, heredity may also be the cause of the disease.

There Are Two Types Of Thyroid Diseases:

There are mainly two types of thyroid problems. The first type is one in which hormone production is reduced by the thyroid gland and this condition is called hypothyroidism.

While the second type is called hyperthyroidism, in this case, the hormone production in the thyroid gland is high. Hypothyroidism is more common in people with thyroid problems.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Some symptoms are very common in hypothyroidism patients. These include weight gain, rapid hair fall, fatigue at all times, etc. At one time, this disease was considered to be only a disease of women.

Because this problem is mainly seen in women. Periodontal problems are very common in women suffering from thyroid. However, thyroid disease is spreading rapidly among men.

You Can Control Thyroid By Maintaining a Diet

The problem of thyroid cannot be overcome only through diet. With this, the intake of medicines is necessary. But your diet plays a big role in controlling your disease. Know here, what things thyroid patients should take.

Eat Green Beans

Different types of green beans are available in every season in our country. They are used as a vegetable. Thyroid patients should consume green beans regularly.

- Green beans are rich in vitamins, minerals, and all types of nutrients required by the body. For this reason, they are able to maintain the balance of hormone in the thyroid gland very easily.

Use Iodized Salt

You should always take iodized salt in your food. Iodine helps in creating hormonal balance in the body and increases blood flow. It helps in removing physical and mental fatigue.

Regular intake of iodine produces thyroid hormone in a balanced amount in your body and you are able to control this problem to a great extent.

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