Foods You Shouldn't Eat If You're Trying Not To Get Pregnant

Foods You Shouldn't Eat If You're Trying Not To Get Pregnant

Are you troubled by an unwanted pregnancy? So you are in the right place. So, friends, I have brought for you a new Pregnancy Rokne Ke Upay.

We have brought this prescription in which we will tell you how to prevent pregnancy.

If a girl becomes pregnant this is our for you to stop pregnancy after getting pregnant.

You know our government has banned abortion. So, abortion is a very big crime. If a lady does not get periods, she becomes pregnant, this recipe is very beneficial for her.

You can also take advantage of this and follow our instructions appropriately. If a woman or girl has not had a period of one or two months, this prescription is very beneficial for her, and because of this, she will have a period again.

In this article, we have given two measures and you will have to follow them both. Only then will this recipe work.

The ingredients you need to make this recipe is easily available at your home. It has become very difficult in today's date to stop unwanted pregnancy. It is frightening to share this thing with your parents. And many girls are shy to say this to the doctor. So, let's know about these two things which can atop your unwanted pregnancy!

Raw Papaya

Raw papaya which has a green color and is not completely cooked between it. Remove the papaya seeds and make a fine powder.

Take this powder with warm water in the morning and evening and your stalled period will come. It is to be taken one teaspoon in the morning, one teaspoon in the evening, and do not use it in large amounts.

If you still do not get the period, then you should try using the second step. Along with trying the second step, you will come to the period.


For this, you need a basil tree. Remove the seeds on your hand and separate them from the stem and take the seeds directly with water.

Whatever you are taking should be at least one teaspoon. It is to be consumed one spoon in the morning and one spoon in the evening, with warm water and you will know its result within 2 days. And your periods will start coming.

This recipe is for those women who want to reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy or to get periods on time.

Use this recipe only to remove unwanted pregnancy. It does not have any side effects because papaya seeds are also natural and we eat normal papaya only.

It is often used on many medicines. And we do not have any side effects even with basil seeds.

By using both things, you will know the result on your own and your unwanted pregnancy will stop. Friends, this was our today's article.

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