Friends Reunion: Top 4 Revelations By The Actors From Long-Awaited Special

Friends Reunion: Top 4 Revelations By The Actors From Long-Awaited Special

The 2-hour-long episode of Friends: The Reunion premiered yesterday. Finally, the wait was over and it was all worth it. It was all nostalgic, hilarious, and even emotional at the same time. The lead actors - Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Jennifer Aniston got together for the last time on the iconic couch.

Though the show was full of fun, the cast made some revelations that will leave you shocked. After watching the Reunion version you will surely feel a need to binge-watch all the Friends episodes again.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Were Infatuated To Each Other 

Ross and Rachel were crushing hard on each other in real life. In the reunion episode, the actors spoke about their mutual affection for each other.

When asked, “Did any of the cast members ever had any fondness for the other actor?” Schwimmer answered that they would spoon and fall asleep on the couch together” while filming Friends. Both actors admitted that they ‘crushed hard’ on each other.

Though we were always in a relationship with someone else, we decided to be good friends. We knew our boundaries.

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Lisa Kudrow Has Not Seen All Episodes Of Friends Yet

Lisa Kudrow, who played the role of Phoebe in Friends, shared that she has not watched the entire series yet.

She admitted that once she started watching Season 4 of the show, with her husband, but couldn’t complete it. She felt acutely embarrassed after seeing herself on the screen.

Schwimmer, who portrayed Ross, also said that he watched the entire show in 17 years, and completed watching it recently with his daughter.

David Schwimmer Did Not Like Marcel The Monkey

Do you remember that Friends had a monkey at one point? Marcel-the monkey was a part of the show during its first season.

While Aniston mentioned how much she loved Marcel, Schwimmer stated he was not Marcel’s biggest fan.

He loves animals but Marcel ruined the cast’s schedule. Though he was trained, he used to do things according to his time, which resulted in the change of the whole cast’s schedule.

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Courteney Cox Used To Pen Down Her Lines On The Dining Table

This is one of the most interesting disclosures of the show. LeBlanc remembers how Cox used to pen down her lines on the dining table in Rachel and Monica’s apartment.

She added, “One day, just before the shooting, LeBlanc inquired Cox about what was written on the table. To which, the actress told him to mind his own business.

LeBlanc cleaned the table, wiping off the lines before the night’s taping and Cox was so mad at him when they started filming.

During the Reunion, the actors recalled all the memorable moments of the show. If you haven’t watched it yet, then go and watch it as it is worth your time. 

The episode was globally released on HBO Max and in India, you can watch it exclusively on Zee5. 

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