From His Girlfriends To Legal Cases, These Shocking Facts About Salman Khan's will Surprise You

From His Girlfriends To Legal Cases, These Shocking Facts About Salman Khan's will Surprise You

Salman Khan is the most famous actor in India. The Bigg Boss host is also very popular for his controversies and love life, other than his acting career. Salman Khan’s fight with multitude of actors in Bollywood and his affair with Aishwarya Rai Bacchan are evergreen in the industry. Recently the 56-year-old got bit by a snake. Want to know more such unknown facts about Salman Khan? Let’s find out


Salman Khan Controversies:


  1. Blackbuck hunting case:

The case is one of the most controversial cases in Bollywood as it involves various actors and actresses in the case. In 1999, shooting for the movie “Hum Saath Saath hai”, the actor is accused of hunting a Blackbuck in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The case continued till 5 April 2018, in which Magistrate Dev Kumar Khatri sentenced him for 5 years under section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act. After spending 2 nights in jail, he got bailed on 8 April 2018.


  1. Hit and Run case:

In 2002, Salman was accused of drunk and drive in which he killed one and injured 3. In 2015 Salman Khan was found not guilty and given the clean chit. Whereas the country was not satisfied with the verdict, many showed their disagreement with the verdict through Twitter.


  1. Affair with Aishwarya Rai:

Their relationship is no secret to anyone. It is one of the most discussed topics of B-Town. In 2002, the Rai family filed a complaint against Salman Khan against Violence and Harassment. In an interview, Aishwarya Rai accepted that Salman treated her badly and she had an abusive relationship, which is over now. This topic again got heated when Salman’s Ex-GF Katrina Kaif got married to actor Vicky Kaushal.


  1. Fight with Vivek Oberoi:

In 2002, Vivek Oberoi date Aishwarya, when Salman and she is going through a rough patch. Heartbroken Salman Khan threatens him over the calls and messages. Vivek held a press conference in which he proved that Khan is threatening him, that’s when his and Salman’s rivalry started. Vivek tried to apologize to him but “Bhaijaan”, didn’t forgive him.


  1. Fight with Shah Rukh Khan:

In 2008, Shah Rukh and Salman Khan had a huge fight with each other at Salman’s former girlfriend's birthday party. The fight continued till 2014 when they hugged it out at Baba Siddique’s Eid party.


Unknown Facts about Salman Khan:

  1. Katrina’s painting:

Salman Khan is a great painter, and his paintings are being sold in huge amounts. But do you know? In the movie Tiger Zinda hai Salman Khan painted her, while the crew was busy in the discussion, which is later used in the film also.

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  1. Dubbed voice:

In his debut film, “Biwi ho to Aisi”, Salman’s voice was replaced by Dubbing artist.

  1. Obsession:

Salman Khan is obsessed with bathing soaps. He likes the natural fruit and vegetable smell in soaps.

  1. Virtual communication:

Salman Khan doesn’t believe in virtual communication, that’s why he doesn’t have an email id. He prefers calls or face-to-face communication.

  1. Jai ho:

It is said that he painted a poster for his movie “Jai Ho”.


Salman Khan Girlfriend list:


  1. Sangeeta Bijlani:

They both were romantically involved with each other in the 80s but things didn’t work out between them. Salman admitted in a show that, wedding cards were printed.


  1. Aishwarya Rai:

One of the most famous love stories in the 90s. They both fell in love while shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie. But things didn’t work out between them because of Salman’s behavior.


  1. Somy Ali:

The Pakistani actress was a big fan of Salman and got her lucky shot in love with him. But because of his drinking habits, the relationship didn’t work out.

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  1. Katrina Kaif:

They never accepted their relationship openly. But Salman many times showed his affection towards her. They are rumors that they dated for a while but broke up because of their differences. Later Katrina got involved with Ranbir Kapoor and is now married to Vicky Kaushal.


  1. Lulia Vantur:

It is said that they are still romantically involved with each other. But none of them accepted this.

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